Ireland, the beautiful Emerald Isle

Ireland has long been known as the Emerald Isle because of its bounty of beautiful green pastures and rolling hills that are synonymous with this rich, cultural and historical island.  These two little words became first associated with Ireland when the Poet William Drennan, who was born in Belfast, composed the poem, “When Erin First Rose” in 1795.  The words “Emerald Isle” were used in his writing to describe the poignant beauty of the land that he lived in.  Describing Ireland now in our modern age of Digital communication is mainly down to on-line advertising and websites that have been professionally built and promoted by specialist agencies such as who are a leading SEO Consultant Ireland.  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a clever marketing tool that is used by these friendly, technically minded consultants to enhance a website so that it climbs to the top of the Google Search Engine ladder.

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These computer geniuses understand the complexities of Google, the biggest search engine used by more people all over the world than any other Artificial Intelligence.  Companies all over Ireland are taking advantage of these on-line masters and promoting their brand Identities through the powerful medium of Digital Marketing.

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Ireland is a rich and fruitful land that is inhabited by friendly, locals who are renowned for their generosity and hospitality. Their culture and heritage are incredibly important to the Irish people and their traditional songs and stories are full of tales of past heroes and heroines.

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