Top Reasons for Team Building

When bosses speak of team building exercises, they are mostly met with moans and references to The Office TV show. So, why do companies continue to do it if so many people see it as lame? Believe it or not, it’s all about results and team bonding does improve results. By choosing activities which are both enjoyable and motivational, teams develop skills including communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and planning. Here are some more benefits of choosing the right team building events:

  • Socialising

By spending time together outside of the office environment, people find it easier to make friends, get to know colleagues better and even network. This boosts morale and makes the workplace more effective at problem-solving on a daily basis.

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  • Teamwork and Performance.

The right activities involving teamwork leads staff to better understand their colleagues’ strengths, interests and weaknesses. The hope is that future project work and collaboration will improve as a result. Forget bowling or picnics though, the team building exercise has to be something that makes people gel. Try moving people out of their comfort zones and challenge them. Try a Tank Driving Experience for example, at

  • Healthy Competition

A bit of competition helps to improve productivity levels.

  • Fun and Motivation

When a sports team have done well, they celebrate after their success. This positive feeling motivates them to keep performing and win even more. Your work team should be no different. Celebrate your success with an event that allows them to relax, have fun and motivates them to want to continue taking their job to the next performance level.

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  • Innovation and Creativity

Team building helps people to feel more comfortable with one another and this kind of environment encourages more creative thinking and innovation. People tend to have much more creative ideas when they are comfortable with their colleagues and surroundings. If you want a more creative workplace then encourage your staff to engage in team bonding events. Those who don’t feel comfortable at work, or feel too shy to speak about their ideas in front of people they don’t know are not going to be giving their best for your business.

  • Communication and Collaboration

It will come as little surprise that companies choose team building events to improve communication and collaboration between their employees. Every company desires a workplace environment that’s comfortable, creative and where people will talk to and work with anyone to great effect. Successful team building activities will benefit any business, big or small, by improving communication skills.

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