Four Benefits of the ISO 27001 Certification

One of the most important things to all business clients is the security of information. One of the quickest ways to lose clients and get sued is to have a security breach that exposes sensitive client or employee information. For this reason, the ISO 27001 certification is the standard of excellence for information security. This is why companies around the world are looking into ISO 27001 toolkits. This certification provides four clear benefits to any company interested in international business.

1. It Complies with Current Legal Standards

Part of achieving ISO 27001 certification involves meeting legal and contractual requirements. In essence, ISO 27001 ensures that your security measures are up to snuff and that they can be modified for any future challenges. As potential customers or stakeholders look into your information security system, they will see that it complies with current regulations and trust that their information will be secure. On the other hand, these requirements also provide peace of mind to your employees as they will understand and see that their data is safe. The trust ISO 27001 certification instills in customers and employees cannot be overstated.

2. It Protects Current Customers and Wins New Clients

Having an ISO 27001 certification makes your business an attractive option for new clients and potentially powerful clients. Information security is key to winning new business, and an ISO 27001 certification establishes your company as a secure place to do business. Your current customers will feel safe, and new clients will trust your security due to the certification.

Also, specific clients and businesses will not do business with anyone without ISO 27001 certification. Achieving the certificate brings trust to current and potential clients and expands your business options to otherwise unavailable clients.

3. It Saves You Money

One of the most significant advantages of having a top-notch information security system is that you aren’t wasting money on lawsuits, settlements, or lost clients. As you lock down the hatches of your company’s information, you are saving time and money by avoiding legal headaches.

Another way that the ISO 27001 certification saves money lies in protecting the company’s reputation. If a data breach happens, confidence in that company disappears. Keeping information security at ISO 27001 standards ensures confidence in your company’s ability to protect information.

4. It Optimizes Your Business

Part of having an information security management system present in the company entails optimizing and defining security processes and responsibilities. In essence, the plan clearly outlines the security processes necessary to protect information better. It also helps employees identify potential information security risks. The beauty of having an information security management system outlined in ISO 27001 is that you are required to have a framework and organization dedicated to information security. This organization optimizes your company’s safety from the top down and gives you a leg up on the competition.

Ultimately, the security of information must be protected for a business to thrive. Working towards an ISO 27001 certification will put your company in compliance with current legal requirements for information security, better protect your and your client’s information, and optimize your business by creating a concrete information security system. Not to mention loads of cash you will save from avoiding a breach and any lawsuits that would come from leaked information.

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