Pharma firms prepare for Brexit ‘no deal’ possibility

For many people, following the news stories surrounding Brexit has become a frustrating and tedious business. However, for those working in the pharmaceutical industry, the problems and implications could have far-reaching consequences in the lives of patients who rely on medication on a daily basis.

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The government has advised companies working in the medical sector to prepare for a “no deal” Brexit and to ensure that additional measures are put in place to protect their clients. Many companies have already started stockpiling drugs and medical supplies because they are seriously concerned that lifesaving products could potentially be held at customs, resulting in delays.

Stockpiling products comes with its own set of problems when it comes to storage, with extra space needed to store the additional products. This is adding to the burden on companies that are already struggling to manage and navigate their way through the situation.

Companies such as who run adaptive phase 1 clinical studies could be affected. Vital research into new treatments could become delayed due to drugs not being available when they are needed.

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Border Checks

The Health Secretary has also warned that in the event of a “no deal” Brexit, the UK will not have control over the checks that are imposed by EU members and that stockpiling may not be enough to ensure vital medication can reach those who need it.

It isn’t just pharmaceutical companies that are having to take precautions. Many industries could suffer in the event of a “no deal” Brexit.

Imports and Exports

Concerns that third-party controls could be imposed are worrying company bosses. This would result in potential delays of up to six months, with these controls affecting both imports and exports. It is hoped that medical supplies will be given priority in such an event and that possible alternative routes can be found to ensure the transportation of drugs and medical products.

Those working in the pharmaceutical industry have warned that businesses will suffer with a “no deal” and that managing the consequences will be extremely difficult. It is hoped that because there is a vital reliance on medical supplies both from and to the UK, the EU will offer a contingency to protect all citizens and that this can be agreed on as soon as possible.


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