Tips for writing better SEO content

Your website content will have an impact on the ranking it receives on search engines so it is important that you are able to provide quality copy that your potential customers want to read.

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In the past, you used to be able to cover your website copy with keywords and search terms that often had little or nothing to do with the actual content. Thankfully, those times have past and now you need to be producing well-written content that people want to read.

Search terms

Take some time to understand what your audience is searching for online. What questions are they asking and what language are they using to do so? This should be your starting point to put together content that they want.

Then you need to provide an answer to those questions. Draw an outline of the one point you want your audience to take away from your website and move outwards from there. Make sure you include key search terms and think about your local audience, such as SEO Belfast, to reach your potential clients. People are more likely to shop local.

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Keep it simple

Ensure that your writing is in your brand voice and use the language of your customers. Anything else will either alienate or confuse them. Equally, if you are not using the language of your audience, then they are unlikely to be searching for the content that you are publishing –

It might help to run your content through an SEO checker to ensure that you have everything set up correctly on your post. Often SEO agencies such as
Ryco SEO Belfast agency will ensure that the technical set-up of the website is correct and you haven’t tagged anything that will work against you.

Using an active vocabulary is also important. Think about how you are writing, read it back to yourself. Is it written in the present tense? Or are you talking about something that has happened in the past? People will search for how to do things not to find out how they are done. A simple spelling and grammar check is essential and do not forget that some spell checkers will look at American English and auto-correct. There is no substitute for a final read-through.

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