3 Types of Insurance That Cover Injury Compensation

If you found yourself with a sudden severe injury and a mountain of medical bills to treat it, you may be unsure how to pay. Depending on where and how you were harmed, you may not be without options.

Homeowners Insurance

If it was a home personal injury Iowa that happened while visiting someone else’s private property, their homeowner’s insurance may be able to cover your lost wages and medical bills. However, this coverage tends to only be available if the injury is the result of neglect by the property owner. Such instances include hazards like ice that lead to slipping and falling or failing to contain a dangerous animal that results in a bite or mauling. Unfortunately, if it is proven the person acted intentionally their insurance will not cover your injuries.

Worker’s Compensation

Perhaps the most well-known form of injury compensation, “Worker’s Comp” still tends to be misunderstood. This is available only to employees, meaning independent contractors are unable to apply. The easiest way to determine which category you fall under is whether or not taxes are taken out of your paycheck.

Regardless of who is at fault (you, your employer, coworker, etc) for an accident, an employee is still eligible for coverage. The injury does not have to happen on company property so long as it was sustained while performing job-related duties, such as traveling for a work event.

Bodily Injury Car Insurance

Whether you were walking at a crosswalk or sitting behind the wheel of your car, if you were injured by another driver their insurance should be able to at least help with medical bills. This comes with limitations though. Coverage is denied if you are found to be at fault.

When in doubt, it is best to seek out legal guidance to know your options. An attorney can help you navigate your situation and make sure you’re informed of all options that are available.

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