happy guests in your hotel

10 secrets for having happy guests in your hotel

Having happy guests in your Hotel or Hotel is certainly an effective way to grow your business.

If you manage an accommodation facility (from the small family-run hotel or Bed and Breakfast to the largest hotel chains) you know how important having happy and satisfied guests is.

There are many ways to have happy guests, from providing additional services to agreeing on discounts and special promotions, but often it is not necessary to make large investments, it takes only small steps and attention to have happy guests in the Hotel.

Improving the stay experience of your guests will make you make that qualitative leap you need to promote your business simply and effectively and have a better online reputation.

With online booking systems that compare accommodations of all kinds based on elements such as price, additional services and location on Google Maps, consumers have become increasingly attentive and demanding and before choosing, they compare and evaluate all the different options available on the web.

For this reason, even if the choice of a hotel or hotel is usually made by first looking at its location, the type of services it offers and the price for the stay, there are many other small precautions that could make the choice of the final consumer fall back on your Hotel or Hotel rather than another.

10 tips for you to having happy guests in your hotel

happy guests in your hotel

Here are 10 secrets and useful tips to help you make your guests happy and grow your business with small and simple steps for everyone …

1) Small Extra

Depending on the type of client you want to reach, consider the possibility of having your guests find extra extras on arrival, such as a kit of beach towels if your hotel is located in a summer resort, or cradle and bottle warmers in the room if you are a family hotel, up to the bottle of wine and rose petals on the bed if you are welcoming a couple, perhaps on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or during their wedding trip.

2) Transparent prices and no surprises

If surprises are always welcome on extras, this is not the case when it comes to prices: if you have a smaller room or located in a part of the hotel with a worse view than the others, never sell it at the same price. Instead, make a special promotion or discount, focusing on other aspects of the stay (hotel location, additional services, etc.) so that your guests will be happy to have paid a room in your hotel for a good price, maybe slightly lower than the others.

3) The bathroom: one of the most important things

Even if in a bedroom one thinks that bed is the most important thing, in reality it is not. A good mattress and a large, comfortable bed are just the starting point. If you want to make your guests happy, pay attention to the bathroom. Make sure it is clean, tidy and working, preferably windowed. And if you are missing something, try to remedy it with small precautions how to always find soap, toilet paper, cotton buds and clean towels when your guests arrive. If you have the chance, you also have a set of products for the person (bath foam, shampoo, and conditioner) of well-known brands, you will surely look good.

4) Helpful and kind staff

Being greeted with a smile is always a great start: choose patient, kind and helpful staff to ensure happy guests with very little effort.

5) Agree with merchants and services nearby

Having happy guests in your Hotel means thinking about helping them better organize their stay. If you do not have the possibility to have a restaurant or a wellness center inside your Hotel, you do not have to give up offering this service. It will be enough to agree entrances at special or even free prices with the facilities in your area (restaurants, wellness centers, museums, theaters, car rental agencies or excursions).

6) Coffee in the room

How many of you would like to wake up with the smell of coffee at least on vacation? If you pay the breakfast service in the room, at least you have coffee for free! To have happy guests, just add a coffee machine in the room, Nespresso, Lavazza, Delonghi, choose the one you want, the important thing is that it is of good quality.

7) Attention to reception

To have happy guests in your hotel, start from the moment they arrive. In addition to the smile and kindness, let’s find the room as welcoming as possible, here are a few tips:

  • Chocolate and welcome card

Sweetening your guests is definitely a way to make them happier. Preparing a chocolate and a welcome card to leave in the room is a small gesture that can really improve the stay experience.

  • Fresh flowers and fruit

Even a bouquet of fresh flowers or a fruit basket in the room is a great way to have happy guests in your Hotel. If you think about it, you would also like to go home perhaps after a tiring day and find at least one of these things waiting for you.

8) Drinks and Fridge bar

A bottle of water cannot be denied to anyone, do not make the mistake of finding the empty bar fridge! The bar fridge is often an essential element in choosing the Hotel for customers.

9) Free and working internet connection

Unless you are an eco-hotel immersed in nature, which welcomes those who want to break away from the world, finding a free and functioning WiFi connection is an indispensable service for having happy guests in your Hotel. By now everyone expects to have this service included in the price, don’t make the mistake of charging the network connection as an extra: it could cost you really expensive!

10) Have a good payment system

Leaving the possibility of using the payment method they prefer is certainly a way to have happy guests in your Hotel. Therefore, a payment system with fixed or mobile POS terminals according to need should not be missing from the Hotel. If we are a hotel that has decided to offer online sales, even online payments must be simple and secure.

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