10 tips for success in life and business

There is a saying that says:

“Success is not in results but in efforts. Being the best is not so important. Doing the best is all that matters”.

This is very true. Too often, when people think of success, they believe that excellence should be in their field. Or that they should have the biggest house or the sportiest car … or millions of dollars in their bank account.

Success in life goes beyond material assets and the number of zeros you can see on your bank statement. It is about living life to its fullest extent, knowing that you have given the best of yourself. It means living a life according to one’s convictions and with very few regrets. This is the real success.

The concepts are very simple. Anyone can understand them and most people know it. The application of these concepts, however, is another story. This explains why only the minority of people can succeed.

In this brief report, you will receive 10 suggestions for success. Although they may not be amazing, I assure you that if you apply them daily, success will be yours.

Even during those moments when you feel like you don’t get what you want or if despite your best efforts you won’t succeed, don’t get discouraged and keep going because soon you’ll be successful in areas you never even imagined.

success in life and business

Are you ready to follow me? Let’s start!

1. Don’t think too much: Know and Act

This is undoubtedly the most important advice. Success is not a coincidence, but a consequence … and more exactly is what will follow after you have taken certain actions.

Most people who have never been successful in life invariably have a common trait. They never act. They think, they make plans, they talk too much and they never activate their plan in action. The planning of the programs does not give them any results.

Don’t keep thinking about what you’re going to do or what you won’t do. What you have to say today, right now is: “ENOUGH, NOW I WANT TO ACT! This is the key. Create a plan, do your research so you know what you are doing and then …  EXECUTE that plan. Don’t wait any longer, start!

Instead of taking notes on what are the best exercises you will need to do to lose weight, put on your shoes and start running. Instead of attending online forums by reading the advice of other ignorant people who probably know less than you do, take action. You can learn, read books, listen to advice, watch many videos on the subject, but in the end, you always risk never going anywhere.

The best thing is to start doing something to improve your living conditions and learn how to correct the shot and change your action plan if necessary. Most people are stuck in a kind of inertia that does not allow them to act. By consciously forcing yourself to act, you will mitigate this “lethargy” that holds you back. This and only this will catapult you towards the road to success.

2. Clearly define your goals

You must first know what you want. If you are undecided about your goals and you have a superficial attitude about the way you reach them, you will be like a sailboat without any route that is simply tossed about by the strong winds that rage over the sea of your life.

Write your goals in a list. Make them as specific as possible. Indicate why you want to reach them and how you will feel when you reach your goals. You must define your “why” and be absolutely clear about it. Give yourself a period of time to reach your goals.

You often look at your list so that you remember what you need to do … and then go do what you have to do, so that you can see as soon as possible what it looks like and be able to do your job best.

3. Don’t rest on your laurels

This is a very common mistake that can turn a successful person into a real failure. If the phrase “Rest on laurels” could be summarized in one word that word would be FAILURE.

There are so many examples of people who have succeeded in what they set out to do and once they reached the finish line they felt so happy and content that they decided to relax by assuming that things would always be rosy. After a while, however, they realized that while they were resting, the roses withered and the weeds of their garden took over by drying up all the land they had previously cultivated with so much care and dedication.

You must always be vigilant. Remember it! If you have lost all the excess fat and now you have a fantastic body, this is a great thing. Enjoy it and be proud of yourself … BUT … don’t assume that you’ll stay thin forever.

If you no longer control your diet and start eating those fried donuts you like so much or those banana milkshakes that make you crazy, it will only be a matter of time before all those pounds you lost will return to take over your body. The next goal you will reach will be to see again that you will be fatter than you’ve ever seen before.

The same applies to your spouse. Reserve yourself the same attention you had before getting married. If you abandon the mental image that you had built in your mind thinking you had done everything there was to do, it will only be a matter of time before you sign the divorce papers.

Keep moving. A rolling stone does not collect moss.

4. Motivated constantly

This is of fundamental importance. We are all excited about the beginning of the year when we list our goals on a list and formulate our resolutions for the New Year. The truth is that it will take time to reach those goals.

During this period, most likely, your interest will start to decline and you will lose a little the motivation that motivated you at the beginning when you proposed to fight any battle to overcome the difficulties. This point is where most people tend to throw in the towel and then fail. The truth is that they have lost sight of the goal, the previously formulated promise.

The key to staying in line with your goals and succeeding in life is motivation. Don’t flee your personal responsibility to motivate yourself every day. No one else will do it for you.

You could attend a seminar by a famous motivational guru and have the illusion of being “gassed” and enthusiastic for a week … but you can rest assured that all that enthusiasm will eventually dissipate.

What will happen then? Who will motivate you?

The answer is you … because in truth you are all you have. Write your goals and, above all, write down the reasons that lead you to act in that particular way. Do you write down the reason behind everything around you? Write everything, you’ll need it.

Whenever you think, the journey is too demanding, look at your list of goals and ask yourself why you started. This should give you the impetus to move forward. Still not motivated? Write it all over again … and then again … and again.

Don’t forget it, you MUST motivate yourself often!

5. Don’t be afraid of failure

Always understand that failure is not the opposite of success. It’s a part of success. Too many people never do what their heart desires because they are suffocated by fear.

The lady who loves art and chooses a career in the financial sector because that sector will give her greater security and economic stability, she will end up hating her job and will be unhappy all her life.

The man who wants to travel the world and write a blog about his experiences as a traveler and then ends up tying the knot of the boat at 24 because in the meantime he got married and had 2 children just like all his friends had done, will end up with a sense of anger and frustration because years after making that decision, he will look back and ask, “What if …?”

Don’t end up in such a situation. You will be able to find success only if you pursue your true vocation and stop following what they all do for a civil “obligation” or to satisfy someone else’s wishes.

You must follow your heart and your dreams without fear of failure. It’s the only way to live a life without regrets. You cannot succeed in making your most intimate personal and professional wishes come true if you never get into action.

In case you pursue your dreams and fail repeatedly, don’t let these failures discourage you. Go down the field seven times, you also fall all the time but always get up again.

The difference between winners and losers is that the winners continue to move forward despite their failures. Learn from every mistake, correct your shot and don’t give up. This is the only way that you can guarantee that one day you can really achieve success and not allow anyone else to tell you otherwise.

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6. Don’t compare yourself with others

This is a very simple concept to understand. Stop worrying about what others are doing. It is certainly human nature to measure oneself against others but do not overdo it.

See the guys in the gym more fit than you and get discouraged, always see the merits of others and those who have bigger muscles than yours. But doesn’t this seem ridiculous to you?

Women also tend to judge the bodies of other women very hard just to feel better about themselves.

Businessmen compare their earnings and the net worth they have in their bank account with those of their colleagues to try to feel superior and richer.

None of these absurd attitudes is really necessary. It makes no sense to compare yourself with someone in particular or even in general because there will always be those who will be better off than you … and of course there will always be even those who are worse off. Therefore, it is really useless to make unnecessary comparisons.

If you consistently measure yourself against the best ones, you will probably be bitter, discontented and unhappy. This is not a right way to live life.

If you compare yourself with those who are worse off, you will not be motivated to do better since you already think you are a successful man … and this will lead to an unnecessary and dangerous complacency. If you have read these pages carefully up to this point, now you know what can happen when you rest too much on your laurels.

Therefore, your personal motto should always be to improve your personal and professional path. You are your biggest competition yourself. Always try to be better today, more than you were yesterday.

If you focus on beating your results, you will collect success over and over again. Your only limit is you.

7. Keep calm

We live in a world where most people act very fast.

In the poem by Rudyard Kipling “Se”, his first sentence was “If you can keep your head high when everything around you is wavering … yours is the earth and all that is in it”.

Simply put, don’t be too instinctive and fast, don’t get angry or overly emotional. Don’t make decisions based on hurry and instinct. Millions of people have been sentenced to years and years in prison just because they lost their heads for a fraction of a second and did something very bad and then regretted it bitterly.

Free yourself from any unfavorable situation so that you can maintain a sufficiently high level of head. If you are struggling to lose weight and are tempted to give in to the temptation to eat something that you should not eat, do not curse yourself or give up your goal.

In times of failure, take a deep breath and stay focused. Analyze what went wrong and fix what you can. Don’t run around the streets screaming and blaming others for your failures. If you really want to be successful in life, check your emotions and learn to feel good. This is a skill you must have if you want to live happily.

The same boiling water that softens the potatoes also hardens the eggs. Do not forget. It all depends on what you have to do, not on your circumstances.

8. Eat, sleep and spend in moderation

This may seem like a simple thing, but millions of people are failing on this point. Eat healthy and in moderation. Food is fuel, not therapy. So many people eat when they are happy, eat when they are sad, eat when they are bored … Simply ridiculous.

Eat only when you are hungry. Okay, occasionally give yourself some tear to the rule but try to know your limits. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions due to poor food choices and overeating.

Sleep soundly but do not sleep more than necessary. 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day are fine. Do not sleep 14 hours a day like a child. On the other hand, try not to overdo it in the opposite direction by neglecting sleep and maybe just sleeping a few hours a day.

Spend your money wisely. One of the most common traits of successful people is that they save their money. Don’t spend money just because you feel you have to do it because you earned it. What is the point of buying things you will never use? Perhaps to impress the people who go around you or make a good impression with others? Preserve your money diligently.

While these 3 reference points might seem trivial and almost meaningless, you will be shocked to know that millions of people have ruined their lives only by failing to observe and put these three points into practice.

There is really a lot of people affected by an impressive number of illnesses due to stress. Just as many people waste precious hours maintaining bad sleep habits, others sleep far more hours because they say they always feel tired. Then there are the millions of other subjects who are overburdened by debts or bankrupt or under financial stress due to wrong spending decisions.

This is the real world and these are harsh truths. To succeed in life, you must master yourself.

9. Keep your promises for yourself

This point is something that many people are not aware of. When you make a promise to yourself and don’t hold it, on an unconscious level you will lose respect for yourself. You will feel like you are not worth anything.

A common example is people struggling to lose weight. They make the same weight loss resolutions every year and never succeed. They try out hundreds of different diet programs and gulp down thousands of diet pills and whatever they do, they never manage to reach the set goal.

The reason for all this is that they break their promises, the ones they made long ago to themselves. If you say you won’t drink any drink today, DO IT. DO NOT make an exception by saying to yourself: “All right. Now I drink, then I’ll work on it tomorrow “.

Yes, you can solve the problem but you have broken a promise to yourself and if you continue like this, the next time you say to yourself: “today I will limit my carbohydrate intake”, on a subconscious level, your mind will answer: “No, you will not. You always give up.”

And guess what? At noon, you will give up and eat 2 nice slices of stuffed pizza (a lot of calories and fat. Sigh!).

When this process is repeated ad infinitum … it becomes a habit. Tell yourself one thing and do another. You then feel unworthy and blame yourself.

You decide that the ideal body weight is not possible for you to reach. You say you have poor geniuses, no discipline, etc. It all starts with exceptions, so you don’t have to give in.

Always remember. Don’t make exceptions. Don’t skip workouts. Do not indulge in foods that you said you did not eat. Stay focused and exercise self-discipline. It’s the only way to keep your promises!

10. Believe and have faith in yourself

To succeed in life or business, you must believe you can do it. If you didn’t, you would never start working. You must believe that everything you want is at hand. After all, if it wasn’t, why worry?

So believe it and you’ll see it. Have faith in yourself. There may be times when you are haunted by error or bad luck and it seems like nothing works. It is during these periods that it is absolutely necessary not to give up.

The sky is getting darker before the dawn of the new day takes over. If you stay on track and keep doing it, your success will surely be yours.


These 10 tips are easy to understand and you’ve probably already heard them somewhere else before. However, if you are still reading these tips it is because, on an unconscious level, you know that they can be of great help in re-reading them again.

Keep these tips in mind at all times of your day and apply them repeatedly. Initially, it could be difficult and maybe you could stumble on the path and even forget about it … but with the practice and determination to never give up, these ways of doing will become second nature and you will be a living embodiment of success.

I conclude with a very wise sentence that I propose you to take as your life program:

“Without discipline we can solve nothing. With little discipline, we can only solve some problems. With a total discipline we can solve all problems.” – M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled.

Come on then, never give up! Be brave! Fight like brave and win.

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