From a home environment to the workplace, why medication must be handled safely.

Even in a home environment it is extremely important that any medication is stored safely in a medicine cabinet and well away from children.  When in a workplace it is equally imperative that any medication is kept in a locked cabinet and carefully administered only when necessary.  Everyone, no matter if at home or at work would greatly benefit from partaking in a professionally run Safe handling of medication course run by an experienced organisation like Tidal Training.  You would learn very quickly the dangers of mishandling drugs and the potential fatalities that could occur if medication of any kind isn’t handled correctly and safely.

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Paracetamol and Ibuprofen may seem like harmless painkillers but in the hands of a child could lead to an accidental overdose and potentially death!  That’s why in a home environment every medicine of any sort should be kept in a safe cabinet where a child definitely couldn’t reach it.  In a work situation all medicines should be locked away with any personal bottles labelled clearly with a name, date of expiry, dosage and frequency.

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Thorough and professional training will reinforce the need to keep a written record of each medication you have, what it’s for, who it belongs to and when it is out of date. In a work situation there is usually at least one person who’s responsible for making sure any medication is signed in and out of the premises safely.

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