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This is because of two main reasons. Firstly, the fact that it’s a completely natural product that has been around for millenia and has very little impact on the environment. It can be recycled easily, making it highly sustainable. Second of all, you can guarantee that the trees that are used to make the timber are strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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So timber is so good for decarbonising construction, what’s so great about using it? The first great benefit of using wood as a material for your next construction project is the fact that it’s extremely durable. You can be sure that the materials that you’re using will stand the test of time thanks to the durability of the timber. Timber holds carbon, so it;s the perfect building material to lower your carbon footprint. For your timber needs, consider Salisbury Timber Merchants like Timbco

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It’s also completely biodegradable, so you won’t be adding to the growing number of trees that are dying each and every day. Another benefit is that the material that you use for decarbonising construction (no matter which type of timber) is highly renewable. So you can guarantee that the resources that you’re using won’t be depleted any time soon. That’s why timber is so great for decarbonising construction – because it can be turned into a sustainable product that will last you a very long time as well as removing excess carbon dioxide from the environment.


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