Why You Should Consider Becoming a Notary

A notary public is someone who witnesses and authenticates the signing of important documents such as contracts and mortgage or adoption papers. They are continuously in high demand, since businesses and average citizens often encounter legal documents. If you’re interested in becoming a notary, here are some benefits you should consider.

Make Extra Money

As a notary, you can directly charge your clients signing fees and keep all that revenue. If you already work in a business that puts you in contact with potential clients, then becoming a notary will be especially profitable; otherwise, you can network and market yourself to find clients. As your clientele grows, you can charge more fees to cover expenses like travel and supplies, such as a notary stamp and seal package.

Expand Your List of Skills

Being a notary public is a valuable addition to any resume since notaries are useful in many industries, including law, finance and technology, to name a few. Not only is notarizing a valuable skill but also the more general skills associated with being a notary such as marketing and customer service skills. Even if you aren’t going to be looking for a new job any time soon, simply learning a new skill or improving your current ones can be satisfying.

Assist Your Community

Like the reward of learning and improving your skill set, you can find value in serving your local community and state government. Remember that as a notary, you’re appointed by the state and considered a public official. You have the opportunity to serve others, which will be especially gratifying if you’re someone who loves to give back. You could even help out less fortunate communities who can’t afford notaries by holding events to provide low-cost notarizations.

If becoming a notary public sounds appealing, don’t wait! You can start the process by filling out a notary application for your state.

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