Features of High-Quality Folding Knives

Top Must-Have Features of High-Quality Folding Knives

It is an excellent choice for new knife users because of its rotating collar lock and a just-right 2.8″ blade. At 2.7 ounces, it’s also easy to carry.

When a lightweight, super-thin EDC won’t do, you need a hard-to-use folder capable of handling severe tasks. Zero Tolerance makes some of the best in this category.

Comfortable Grip

If you want a high-quality EDC knife for heavy cutting or challenging tasks, you need one with a durable handle that fits comfortably in your hand. A rounded-profile handle that fills your loosely clenched fist is ideal.

A suitable lock mechanism keeps the blade secure in a closed position but doesn’t interfere with your fingers. A locking bar runs up the handle’s spine and slots into a notch on the blade tang. Many manufacturers have this type, as do many knives using their proprietary Axis lock.

Another option is a frame lock, which has one side of the knife’s frame slide behind the blade tang when deployed..


A high-quality knife will withstand more abuse than your average lightweight, super-thin slicer. Hard-use knives require rigid materials, hefty blades, and strong locks to keep your hand safe and the knife intact.

One of the most common lock types is a liner lock. A spring-loaded liner extends from the back of the handle to slide behind the tang when you close it. This system is easy to use and inexpensive, but fingers can get in the way when deploying the blade and wear out faster than frame or pivot locks.

Another alternative is a crossbar or a Virobloc lock, where a steel bar passes through the handles and slots into a notch in the tang to keep it closed. This type is more secure than a liner lock and more accessible because it’s ambidextrous. It’s available in various handle colors and blade variations to suit most tastes and purposes.


Besides onboard blade storage and a convenient clip, the most helpful folding knives Canada provide tools like corkscrews, fish scalers, or spikes for removing horse’s hooves (although some might be considered gimmicks). They also feature an option to change out the blade, and if not self-locking, they can be opened with one hand.

Most pocket knife designs are crafted with high-quality materials, including those not immediately visible, such as ceramic balls in the pivots. This ensures a smooth, satisfying, and safe opening and deployment.

Spending more on a knife can get you better steel material for the blade and frame, durable locking mechanisms, and convenient carry options. It also allows you to evaluate ergonomics and other essential factors for your intended uses. For example, a folding knife offers a lot of functionality in a compact package and has excellent value in its price range. It features full titanium liners covered by contoured desert tan G10 and a Demko-designed Tri-Ad lock.

Ease of Use

Whether you want to shuck oysters or gut hook a deer, your knife must be easy to deploy and stow. The best folding knives have smooth, straightforward opening and closing mechanisms that don’t jam or pinch the fingers. They also have a secure lock for safety.

Not all folding knives lock, but the best high-end knives use robust locking mechanisms like a liner lock to prevent accidental blade deployment and ensure the stability of a closed blade. This kind of high-end knife often has titanium handles that add durability and attractive color contrast to the handle scales, as well as exotic wood inlays.

This model and its bigger brother feature stout tips built for prying, over-built locks to handle chopping and batoning, and a wide, beefy blade with plenty of bellies.

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