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3 ways to make your brand modern

In today’s consumer environment, where marketers face intense competition for customer attention and where companies offer almost similar products, how can you be different and become irreplaceable? Wherever we turn, we always find another company or retailer ready to offer something similar to our product, so it becomes important that our customers feel a strong bond with our brand. The brand must therefore become that indelible image that a customer has when he thinks about that product.

Like when you want a soft drink and you immediately think of the Coca Cola Can. Obviously I’m not saying that reading this article your brand will become as strong as Coca Cola, but rather that your brand must be present in the mind of the customer whenever he thinks about your product, or in the store where you can buy that particular product. But how can you make your brand the best choice to keep the customer tied to your product?

Obviously, in addition to demonstrating that you take care of your customers through excellent customer service, both in the physical store and in the online store, to build a lasting, memorable and fashionable brand you need to push the relationship on an emotional level, where your values ​​and yours are able to merge into a whole in order to take the experience of using your products to a higher level.

Let’s find out how to make your brand stronger and more fashionable …

Put your customers on a pedestal

We start from the assumption that we have all been customers of someone else, therefore, we avoid making the mistakes that did not make us satisfied until the end. A brand that wants to remain carved in the mind of a customer needs to give certainties, to solve problems, to be there when customers need him. This will surely allow you to gain trust and loyalty. But what does it mean in practical terms?

It means giving life to your brand, presenting real people (online or in store) to let them tell you how they used your product in order to convey a direct and tangible experience. This technique acts as a test of the popularity of a brand and inspires confidence in new buyers. When your products are used by ordinary people, buyers are more likely to relate to them and see themselves while using your products.

You will surely have been on an e-commerce clothing website and you will have seen a shirt or a dress that immediately made you lose your head! Do you find yourself looking at the pictures in this way and thinking but wearing tight? Wears wide? But is it really as seen in the image? Eh already to those who did not happen! Unfortunately, the perfect models that we see in the photos fail to convey that sense of security such as to move the fingers on the cursor and click “add to cart”. It is therefore necessary to provide an external support that is able to add a real and tangible value to that image just seen.

Many e-commerce sites show user reviews to resolve any doubts about size, fit, product quality etc. The problem with online reviews is that if you are not a fairly structured reseller, and by structured I mean able to invest human and economic capital in content management and in review moderation, you risk having a very low participation rate or, even worse, reviews fake (created with the aim of discrediting you).

Or simply respond to the requests of those who want to buy but have doubts. The downside is that you must always monitor communication and possess a well-planned strategy of action otherwise you seriously risk getting yourself a big own goal. Then provide potential customers with content generated by other users to give them the tools they need to give your company credibility and trust.

Fold content into your brand strategy

The strategy of a brand, especially in the fashion industry, must be based essentially on content. They are the ones who manage to engage your audience, put your brand first and give it life.

But how to do it? Simple, consider inserting a blog within the showcase website. Taking advantage of the potential of the blog, you will be able to update the followers on the latest fashion news, inform them about the new trends of the moment, and give them excellent ideas and advice on how to combine clothing. This type of content will allow you to increase the awareness and visibility of your brand.

Although the blog focuses mainly on fashion, it is also possible to link it to other topics such as music, art and literature. By adding these other elements, you will have the opportunity to create a lifestyle around what readers wear, which ultimately helps push sales and word of mouth. Never forget to share content with your social media channels, that’s where users will develop word of mouth.

Combine your online and offline efforts

In today’s increasingly digitally connected world, being able to reach and capture the attention of your audience is the key to success. We live in a society where marketing professionals are asked to overlay online and offline channels. Years ago we devoted ourselves solely to marketing activities or web marketing activities, but today online and offline can no longer be part of one another. But how do you combine two channels that are as similar as they are different?

The secret lies in being able to identify the correct action strategy in order to be able to make the communication and the activities homogeneous between them. This means giving, albeit in a different form, a compelling consumer experience, managing to be ready to respond with the right message at the right time and in the right place. Don’t consider the online and the offline as two watertight compartments but rather use one to bring advantage to the other and vice versa.

Create promotions, flash offers dedicated exclusively to digital customers. This simple activity will allow you to increase the registrations on social channels or e-commerce site enormously expanding your user database. And for the offline? Take advantage of the database just now for sponsoring events, special offers, picking up the products purchased in order to increase the traffic of your point of sale. Do you have more stores and an e-commerce? Opt for online purchases and in-store pickup! In addition to creating traffic at the point of sale, it will be very useful for implementing a cross-selling strategy.

Like the Coco Chanel quote I started with, creating a unique and strong brand will help attract and retain consumers and make your marketing efforts more complete and satisfying.

That’s all? Well of course not, these are just 3 tips on how to make your brand modern. In this article I gave you the example of the fashion industry but the same concepts can be adapted to any type of business.

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