Why the Domestic Freight Industry Is Vital to the UK

The domestic freight distribution service is a growing industry in the UK. Heavy Goods Vehicles deliver pallets to a large variety of manufacturers, companies, customers, and the domestic freight industry is vital to the retail infrastructure of Britain.

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Distribution Services Improve Communication

Heavy Goods Vehicles, through distribution services, provide the link between the manufacturer and the customer, delivering marketing and sales information as well as the product itself.

Similarly, the distributor can return customer feedback to the seller, allowing them to improve on their product. Some distribution companies can offer shared storage/promotion costs. With the distributor acting as the middle-man, retail consumers and producers both benefit.

Point of Contact

Because distributors deal with a variety of manufacturers, they act as a manageable point of contact for their customers for a range of products.

Large Range of Products

Using a freight company allows for a greater variety of different products to be made available and improves transactions between the producer and consumer. Distributing companies can give the customer what they are looking for – a large variety of products but in small amounts – and they want to be able to see the selection of goods available to them. This selection is shown to the customer, through the distributor, from many different manufacturers.

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Cuts Distribution Cost

Manufacturers and customers are not under obligation to deal directly with every single transaction each time, because the distributor does that for them. Sellers can gauge the number of orders per product through distributors and can supply to demand rather than producing more than is necessary.

Domestic Freight Statistics

According to government figures, 2016 saw 280,000 individuals employed in the domestic road freight industry (15% up from the year prior). The industry contributed £12.4 billion to the UK economy (up 4% from 2015), and it is reportedly continuing to grow. With such figures, HGV insurance is incredibly important – you can organise this through https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/hgv-insurance.

The Heavy Goods Vehicles that can be seen on motorways, at all hours of the day, are part of a thriving and necessary network of the domestic road freight industry. This network not only connects consumers with manufacturers and their products but also contributes to the UK economy and to the important infrastructure keeping our retail businesses alive.

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