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How to create a good corporate image?

How to create the corporate image of the company is one of the key points of the strategic planning of an organization. This is lit as the set of beliefs, attitudes and appreciations that you have about a company; that is, it represents the way in which consumers interpret the characteristics coming from their services and products.

Customers, through the associations and perceptions they make of the attitudes, attributes and benefits of the organization, get an idea of what the company is and what it offers; For this reason, achieving a good corporate image is vital, since it allows not only that they identify with the brand, but also that they consider it an essential element in their daily lives.

What elements to consider when creating it?

To develop a good corporate image, different elements must be taken into account, such as …

1) Name: This will make the first impression on future customers. Although it is not mandatory to have a direct relationship with the actions of the company, it must be brief, easy to remember and pronounce, very striking and above all differentiating.

2) The logo: This must fundamentally convey the character of the company, therefore, it must be a design that reflects the characteristics of the brand and, in turn, is attractive to customers. In addition, it is essential that it be understandable and legible.

3) The slogan: It is the message with which it is intended to   attract customers for the business. A good slogan synthesizes the philosophy of the company in a striking and striking phrase, and helps to provide confidence, foster the image and instill the memory of the brand. In it, the benefits of the product or service must be emphasized, in addition to being original to differentiate itself from the competition.

4) The web space: It is essential to have your own domain, as it will be easier for customers to find the company and identify its corporate image. The web page is a fundamental space, because it allows to attract clients on the web; therefore, it is necessary to take care of its design and ensure how the correct communication of the message is achieved.

5) The printed graphic line or stationery: It is the part of graphic design that corresponds to the company’s print advertising. To develop it efficiently, it is essential to define the identity manual, fonts and colors that the brand will use.

What are the objectives of working in the corporate image?

Develop the corporate image of a company seeks to meet the following objectives …

1) Achieve customer loyalty: Through the corporate image, the target audience is intended to match the company’s values. You have to become your close ones, your experience partners, which increases customer loyalty.

2) Achieve the identification of services and products: The corporate image becomes a visual connection with the brand when a uniformity is found among all graphic elements, in addition to communications, behaviors, services and products that can be easily identified.

3) Increase the perceived value: A company must worry about its corporate image, take care of the details and enchant the customer; in this way, it increases the value of the services or products it offers and conveys a sense of trust.

4) Try to constitute an emotional bond: Companies want to connect with customers in an emotional context, so they create multiple sensory experiences related to the brand. With the above, it seeks to develop a link that leads to loyalty.

5) Strengthen the brand: An elaborate corporate image provides a sense of confidence and security to the client, as well as professionalism. Consequently, it generates pride of belonging to that brand and of sharing its values. As a result, the company’s brand is strengthened and reinforced.

Finally, it can be determined that the corporate image of a company serves to reflect its personality; It also allows the creation of an emotional bond of trust and belonging between the brand and customers, which is vital for the company to sustain itself over time.

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