Being Arrested Is Just the Beginning

When the police arrest you, it is just the beginning of your adventure into a truly confusing journey into the legal system of America. The officer may handcuff you and sit you on the curb to wait while conversations continue, or the police may ask you to get into the back cage of the police vehicle to sit while information is gathered. Either way, you will soon be transported to the jail.

The Process Begins

Being taken into custody is just the beginning. The officer will read your Miranda rights, you will be searched, and your fingerprints will be digitally scanned into the system. The booking agent will take your photograph from several viewpoints, and you will be asked to wait in a cell – either alone or with others.

The Process Hesitates

Your next stop will be at a meeting with the judge called the arraignment. You will be asked to step forward, the bailiff will read your charges, and sometimes the judge will talk to you. You will then be asked if you understand the charges rendered against you, and how you plead. After the court notes your reply, the judge will offer a bail amount for your release.

The Process Continues

With the bail and charges in hand, you can contact an agent at a bail bonds Pennsylvania company to begin the process of your release. You or your family will need to give the bonding agent at least 10% of the bail amount in cash, credit cards, or property before the process can be completed. The agent will then pay the court, and you will be free to return home.

You may be free from jail upon your release, but you are still responsible for attending every scheduled meeting with the court, your attorney, or an intermediary. If you miss any of the meetings, you could end right back in jail with no second chance for bail.

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