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There was a time when a bricks and mortar building was enough for most businesses to thrive; now, people will almost certainly expect a business to have a website. This makes good sense, but this ‘always available’ culture means you need to plan your website’s launch carefully. Let’s look at how to choose a reputable web designer.

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Be prepared with specifications

Even the world’s best web designers might have trouble working to a deadline if they don’t have a brief to work with. This is not to say you should have a complete and intricate plan, but you should almost certainly have something in mind concept-wise before approaching a company.

Know what your website’s goals are

By ensuring you are clear on what you want website visitors to do, your Reading web design expert will be able to map out your website’s design to reflect the journey you want your customers to take; for example, they can make sure any CTA (call to action) buttons are visible and easily accessed.

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Responsive is now a necessity

In some industries the use of mobile has overtaken desktop, with businesses quick to underline the importance of keeping up. One of the first questions to ask potential designers is whether they are experienced in building mobile responsive sites. Companies such as will take this into account.

Construct your content

While web design is important, there is not a lot your designers can do without content to support it. Content is the single biggest factor in your website’s success – used correctly, it can make your site appear high in searches and can mean the difference between making a sale and turning people off.

Ask for SEO-ready plugins

If you are running your site on a platform such as WordPress, you can ask your web designer to include plugins that make it easy to manage your SEO content. Meta data should be filled in – if this is not something you are familiar with, you may to need to outsource.

Get ready for launch

Once you have given your web design company a deadline, it is up to you to ensure everything else is in place. Do you have an existing website that needs redirects? Have you designed a marketing strategy? These are all things you will need to communicate.


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