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Food safety and hygiene are a major concern of all organisations. The food distribution industry has a direct relation with the food supply and therefore, this holds true for the food we eat and the people who prepare and serve our food. It is therefore of great importance that we understand the ways by which we can ensure the quality of the food we consume.

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Food contamination occurs due to several reasons such as handling improperly prepared foodstuffs, contact with food during storage, cross contamination of food by animals and plants and ingestion of food residues that remain after the preparation of the food. All these risks can prove fatal to humans if proper precautions are not taken. In order to avoid such dangers, it is necessary to know how to ensure safety in the food distribution industry and this includes the use of the Security Seal available from Acme Seals. A few things that must be borne in mind while preparing and serving food.

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The use of containers that are well cleaned and well marked is mandatory when distributing food to the public. One has to remember that hands can be dirty while handling food and therefore the risk of infection is even higher. Using plastic gloves is also advisable. One should not touch raw meat or edible fruits and vegetables, unless the person has washed their hands before and after contact. All these practices and more can help ensure safety in the food distribution industry.


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