Best Phone Etiquette

Everybody has a phone, but few people have phone skills anymore. Most younger people rarely talk on the phone, preferring to handle all the communication via text message. If you are heading out into the world ready to take your first job, it may be time to learn some phone etiquette because chances are, you’ll have to spend at least a little time dealing with customers or clients the old-fashioned way – by talking to them over the phone.

Answer the Phone

The first rule of phone etiquette is simple – answer the phone. In this day of telemarketers, you may be used to letting all calls go to voicemail, but if your job is scheduling appointments New Milford CT or taking customer service calls, you must be willing to answer the phone in a timely manner, preferably within the first couple of rings.

Identify Yourself

If you work at a business, the most professional way to answer the phone is politely and with your name. (Repeat your name if it’s unusual or difficult to pronounce.) This way the caller knows that they have dialed the right number and if you are the person they need to speak with. If you answer with just a “hello” you’ll likely waste valuable time while the caller is clarifying who you are.

Speak Up

Remember that without visual clues, many people could have trouble understanding what you’re saying, especially if you’re using technical language. Identify the topic of conversation to give the listener an idea of what they should be listening for. For example, you might say, “I’m going to ask you a few basic questions for our records.” Another example is, “Let me tell you about our three levels of service.” The more background information you give your caller about what you’re going to say, the less confusion there is likely to be.

It goes without saying that you should always remain polite and cheerful when taking a company call. You may not be the face of the business, but for those few minutes, you are the voice.

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