Knitting kit ideas for beginners

Knitting is no longer just a hobby for grannies but a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to it being widely promoted on social media platforms. For those who are new to the craft, here is a guide to the best kits for learning the basics and building your skills.

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On trend

The Guardian reports that around one million people took up knitting over lockdown after Olympic diver Tom Daley shared his creations on Instagram.
In addition to being a mindful hobby, which you can do anywhere at any time, knitting is a chance to get creative and make colourful and fun items for yourself or to gift.

Why are knitting kits good?

Knitting kits are the ideal way to start as a beginner, as they contain everything you need. Without a kit, you will need to decide what sort of needles and yarn to buy and find a pattern, whereas a kit contains simple instructions, a visual guide of what the finished item should look like, and the yarn and needles. If you are looking for inspiration, stockists such as Wool Couture have plenty of designs to choose from. You simply need to know basic stitches and casting on and off.

The best ideas

1. A lambswool scarf kit gives you the opportunity to create something unique in colours you like.

2. A soft knitted toy, such as a teddy, is the perfect kit to start with. These often come in cute cardboard boxes.

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3. Bobble hats make great gifts. Like the scarf kits, they come in soft wool such as merino.

4. Mittens are perfect for the winter season, can be made in any colour, and fit one size.

5. If you prefer to create something for the home, a knitted cushion cover is a great option.

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