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Business online: Where to start?

Have you dreamed of giving life to your personal business for years? However, does investing in a physical store seem too big a deal for you when you start out?

No problem, the web is the ideal solution.

The online business solves many problems and contains a sales potential that should not be underestimated.

First of all, it allows you to enter with any amount, whether you want to start from the beginning with a large business, whether you have a single product or service to sell.

Moreover, it allows you to have your personal space, whatever your market niche.

There is room for everyone in online business. Unlike local businesses, which come up against very strong geographical and competitive limits, the web allows you to grab your share of consumers whatever the number of players on the market.

Today there are many tools that can help even the least able to use new technologies to create their online business.

Therefore, even if you don’t think you’re a computer genius, you can still start to profit from the network.

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to looking for information online to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, but they are also dramatically increasing purchases that take place entirely on the web.

The e-commerce, therefore, confirms one of the most profitable activities that try your hand if you’re thinking about opening an online business.

Over the past year, about 62% of the population has purchased online.

The Nordic countries are certainly more advanced than us with e-shops, but this does not mean that every year the phenomenon is not increasing even on our national territory.

Let’s see what are the first steps needed to create an online business.

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Online business: The study of the market

You can’t start an online business if you don’t first find the right market niche.

As we have said before, there is room for everyone on the web. However, if you want your business to also bring you high turnover (what everyone wants!) You have to intercept a profitable sector.

Start with what you like, whether it’s selling products or wanting to do a service, and then find a niche.

What is the market niche?

A portion in which competition has not taken root at all, still leaving the needs of consumers partially unsatisfied.

This is the perfect field terrain because you don’t risk being crushed by much bigger and older realities than yours.

Identifying the right niche is as fundamental as it is complex because you have to find the right compromise between your interests and the demand.

Need some ideas?

There are some areas that will never fade, such as travel or photography.

But there are also growing areas such as personal care products, exercises for weight loss or for the welfare of their pets.

Spend as much time as you need at this time in your online business because it will affect all subsequent results.

Do you want help?

Go to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and see which are the best-selling products to get an idea of what consumers can’t do without.

Create your website

You can’t start an online business without having a website. Depending on the activity you decide to launch, you can create a normal site or open an e-commerce site.

In both cases, we recommend choosing a platform that gives you the possibility to manage the site independently, without depending on other platforms or developers.

How come we tell you this?

Because in today’s online world it is essential to keep websites constantly updated with new and quality content, but above all, you have to do it using the shortest possible time and contacting the developer every time would take too long.

If you want to create a normal website, we recommend a platform like WordPress. Simple to install, customize and update even for those who are not particularly familiar with this subject.

It is not necessary to know the HTML code; it just takes a little patience and curiosity to understand how it works.

If you want to open an e-commerce, you can choose a platform like Magento, quite complex, or you can decide to install an integration to your WordPress site to manage the part of the online store in the same way. This is possible with WooCommerce.

Having a personal website also gives you more security because you are not at the mercy of destiny. If you rely on a platform, even a famous one, which however suffers a meltdown and comes to a close, all your work will be lost in an instant.

Give visibility to your online business

Now that you’ve found the market niche and created the website, it’s time to give the right visibility to your online business.

You can do this in 3 different ways, which we recommend using …

Write the contents from an SEO perspective

Whether it is the homepage, information pages or product sheets, it is essential that everything is built from an SEO perspective.

This is essential for your web pages to index on search engines and reach good positions in the SERP. You will not see immediate results, especially if the site is very young and has little content, but over time it will have the boost you want.

Then choose the right keywords, links, complete all the tags and so on. With platforms like WordPress, it is easier to take care of these aspects because they have special grids to complete.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is a great place to get in touch with the target of your online business.

You can use them to publish new and interesting content to sponsor later. To do this you will need just a few euros, but they will allow you to hit exactly the clientele you are looking for.

Pay per Click advertising

The third tool you need to exploit is that of paid ads on Google or on marketplaces like Amazon.

The positive aspect of these campaigns is that you can set the Pay per Click mode that scales you credit only when a user clicks on your ad, avoiding wasting money unnecessarily.

As you can see, the work to do to start an online business is a lot, don’t think about beating slack!

But the web also allows you to be repaid very quickly.

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