Essential architect skills

Architecture is a demanding discipline as it exists at the intersection of practicality, creativity and the precise parameters of engineering. Many clients want their building to look good, or be full of light, but it must also be solid and impervious to weather.

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Creative with a dash of engineering

When an architect takes on a project, they could well be involved in the design of it, making sure all the paperwork and permissions are in order and then overseeing the construction. To do all of this, they need an extensive skill set that will require creativity, understanding the needs of different sites and purposes and what types of structures will serve them best. When it comes to domestic architecture, they will need skills in enhancing a property and interpreting the needs of the owners so that the results look harmonious and deliver a construction that meets the aspirations of the client. The architect also needs to understand the principles of engineering and construction to ensure that what is built will be compliant with the regulations, stand the test of time and remain dry, safe and secure.

At its highest level, architecture is a form of spatial art. Urban clients may not need a building that challenges the mastery of Frank Lloyd Wright, but they will want a design that is attractive and aligns with their vision. Meeting safety regulations is also important, and when it comes to adding extensions to or renovating historic buildings, there may be a complex set of additional guidelines that must be adhered to.

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Diverse area of Islington

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Choosing an architect is vital to the success of any building project. Successful and talented architects balance a range of creative and practical skills that enable them to come up with pleasing designs that are practical and can be brought into reality using available techniques and materials while overseeing construction and dealing with contractors.

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