What to think about when buying a van

If you need to buy a van as part of your trade, you’ll need to think carefully as this investment will become part advertisement and part tool of the trade. For such an essential part of your business, there will be various things you’ll need to consider, and here are some of them:

Deciding how to finance a commercial vehicle can be a minefield, so it’s best to seek independent advice. There are four ways of obtaining a van: cash purchase, business contract hire, hire purchase, and finance lease. Read through all information carefully, as you will need a good understanding of how the terms of each method will affect your business.

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Weight and dimensions are other essential considerations. What do you need it to do, what will it carry, and how heavy or oversized is the load? Remember that almost half of the vans on the road are overloaded, which can get you into trouble with the police and the DVLA. You can face fines, a court summons, or even have the vehicle impounded. Overloading is also going to damage your van, which will lead to higher maintenance costs. Save yourself a big headache and measure up correctly beforehand.

Crucially, it would help if you had a van that would be reliable. Failing Mot’s and breaking down on the way to jobs is a hassle you don’t want. To avoid failing Mot’s, ensure your van has regular checkups, as most failures relate to minor issues that would have been picked up in a vehicle service. It might feel like a nuisance but think of the downtime you will face if you let little problems fester.

We all love a good bargain but remember the old saying, ‘If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.’ Being swayed by a good deal can easily make us lose sight of our needs. Ensure that the bargain meets all your weight and capacity needs; otherwise, that bargain might cost you more than you bargained for!

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A cheaper, second-hand, high mileage vehicle could cost you more than £1000 extra a year in fuel consumption, just by having a difference of 10mpg. If you travel significant distances, then fuel consumption will be a massive consideration for you.

Remember, you have to like the van, not just see it as a great deal. If you opt for a cheaper, slightly ropey model, remember that others might treat it worse than you’d like if you have others driving it.


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