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How to be more productive without working more

Have you ever suddenly realized that you haven’t done anything productive on the day? That you’ve wasted time on things that have no value?

In a moment, you see that your concentration on the task you were doing is gone. And that concentration (and with it your mental productivity) begins to drop even though you know you have a kilometer-long list of tasks to do.

But I have good news for you. There are a number of mental ‘hacks’ you can perform when you find yourself in such a situation, and with which you can be more productive.

In addition, these 10 tricks will give you energy to execute all the activities that you propose.

10 ticks to be more productive in your daily tasks

1. Exercise in the morning

Today, most jobs are digitized, and consist of sitting long hours in front of a table and a computer as if we were glued to that space.

As you can imagine, this is a very unhealthy lifestyle, so make sure you introduce some exercise routine into your day to day, no matter how small.

A good idea is to exercise in the morning; be it running, going for a walk, or any other physical activity will recharge your energies – both mental and physical.

People who exercise in the morning are not only more likely to follow that routine on a daily basis, but this also promotes better sleep quality.

And guess what? Better sleep quality also increases our effectiveness and productivity of the activities performed during the day.

2. Do what you hate most first

Occasionally you are going to have to do tasks that you hate, it doesn’t matter if they are in your house, your work or your business.

The problem is that we always leave the activities that we like least at the end of the day because we are very lazy to carry them out.

However, you must do them, and it is best that they are the first thing of the day that you get rid of. So you will feel a great relief when you finish them, and you can enjoy the rest of the activities.

Instead, if you postpone them, they will continue to torment you all day thinking about what to do, and they will knock down all your energy and productivity from other tasks.

3. Stay away from social media

I know this may sound crazy to you, but spending (or rather wasting) your daily time checking Twitter and Facebook to find out what happens in the lives of others is just a waste of time and productivity.

While you are watching if your friend is in the cinema, or what new photos your partner has uploaded, you will be subtracting valuable minutes to do other tasks that are more urgent or vital.

What is more important to you: see what everyone is taking to eat on Instagram, or build strategies to grow your business if you have one?

Leave the check of your social networks for those free moments you have after having done the tasks that are really important.

Remember that knowing how to manage time, and using it in those activities that add value, is essential to be more productive in your day to day.

4. Do the simple tasks as soon as you receive them

If there is an activity (such as answering an email you just received) that you can dispatch in less than 5 minutes, do it as soon as you receive it.

This is a good way to be more productive because this way you will get rid of small tasks that, if they accumulate, can take a lot of time.

5. Go outside more!

Do you work Monday through Friday in an office, or do you spend many hours indoors in your job? Then you should make sure to take one day a week to enjoy the outdoors.

Leaving work to go home and being locked up again is not good for the mind because it will become bloated and “suffocate” by always perceiving the same environment.

Taking a little fresh air on weekends, for example, will increase your creativity, and avoid “burning” or overwhelming yourself by spending so much time locked up.

6. Feed your body

A bad diet is one of the main reasons that your productivity drops. If you do not feed your body well, your brain will not get the necessary nutrients to function properly.

You need to eat and drink enough water throughout the day. That of skipping a meal “because I have a lot to do” has no forgiveness nor should it be an excuse.

If you don’t eat and become dehydrated, you will see how your rhythm slows down. And it will cause your productivity to go straight to the garbage can.

Store protein bars in drawers you have on hand for those times when you can’t make a proper meal at your job or business, and make sure you always have a refreshing drink on hand, like juice or water.

7. Forget about technology

When you really need to be more productive than ever — because you have to do an activity that requires your full attention — eliminate all possible distractions.

And by this I mean ALL the technology around you.

Close your email, divert calls to voicemail, switch your phone to flight mode, and unplug any other device that may distract you (such as television, for example).

8. Get organized on Sunday morning

Taking an hour each Sunday morning to organize the following week will not only help you have a more productive week.

This little trick will also make it easier for you to properly prepare your mind to start Monday stronger.

Plan all the important things to do on your agenda: a meeting, an important job to do …

And don’t forget about your house chores. If you have to make the food, and you don’t have time, you can leave it ready a few days before , make the purchase on Saturday morning, etc.

9. Become a robot

Is there a particular part of your job that slows you down or frustrates you? For these tasks that are so lazy, it is best to do them automatically, as if you were a robot.

This way you can leave room for other more important activities that allow you to be more productive in your day.

Identify each process, action, or task you need to do, and create methods to make each step easier.

Find a way to make more challenging jobs like automated processes to better address other responsibilities and increase your effectiveness.

10. Set specific goals

Sometimes we want to cover so much that we end up not doing even 10% of what we propose. So it is vital to set concrete goals, to set specific goals for ourselves.

It is impossible to pretend to do 30 different things when the day only has 24 hours, and 8 of them you should dedicate to sleep and rest.

Depending on the time you want to do something (in a day, a week, a month), make a list and write down those goals and the date you want them to be achieved.

And then, break down the tasks you must do to reach that goal in hours, days, or weeks.

For example, if you need to study for an exam that you will have in a month, make a list of the days you should study and how many hours it will take you to get ready for the exam.

What other tricks do you use to be more productive? Leave me a comment below telling me.

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