The different types of business events

The most common and popular business events are chosen because they succeed in achieving what the planner is looking for. No matter if it’s a golf tournament, a conference, or a breakfast network meeting, businesses use this event to bring people together and establish new working relationships. Here are some of the most common business events:


This is held for a targeted audience and provides information and news in a relevant sector. A conference can last for a number of hours or be spread out over a few days, with maybe one main speaker or several speakers during different sessions. They are usually held at large conference centres or hotels.

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Trade show

The purpose of trade shows is to produce lead generations and to strengthen the image of being an industry leader in a particular sector. They are staged in a very large place where sometimes hundreds of vendors can show off products and services.

Product Launch Event

These events can range from internal meetings to disseminate information about new products to staff to fancy launch parties with celebrities and the press. The launch event is designed to produce media coverage and can include features such as talks from top executives, entertainment, demonstrations, celebrities, dinners, and live music. For help with all media enquiries and launches, consider hiring a Cheltenham PR Agency, visit

Golf Event

This event is very popular, and its main purpose is relationship management. Similar in concept to an executive retreat, this event is designed to give participants business relationships that are built in a relaxed atmosphere. Ever heard the phrase, ‘deals sealed on the green’?

Award Show

The purpose of this event is to thank staff informally, give staff and management the opportunity to build relationships and learn more about business. They can also be directed towards respecting and thanking clients. There are many types of awards events and businesses might organize events such as:

Dinner and show

A day at a race

Special boxes at sporting events

Private party

Tickets to popular attractions or events

Exclusive use of amusement parks

Company Milestones

Special milestones provide business opportunities for celebration. This could be an anniversary or a birthday for example. They can be very similar to awards shows. Depending on the size of the business in the community and its public presence, celebratory milestones might be for staff, clients or even include the local community.

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Team Building Event

The purpose of this event is to foster self-confidence, build people’s strength, encourage morale and promote good intentions. They are a great opportunity for employees to spend time with each other in a non-working environment. Events usually include a number of outdoor activities, such as canoeing, assault courses or orienteering courses, for example. There are unlimited activities available to build teams now, both indoors and outdoors and for all abilities.

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