Aesthetic Business Names

How to Choose Aesthetic Business Names?

Choosing the perfect aesthetic business names is an exciting yet daunting task for any entrepreneur. The name you pick needs to resonate with your brand identity and values. It also needs to be memorable, marketable, and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetic business names are not only beautiful to the ear but also evoke the right emotions and imagery associated with your brand. The aesthetic quality brings a touch of artistry and creativity to your business identity.

Crafting that ideal artistic name takes time and thoughtful consideration. You need to brainstorm extensively, research ideas, and then narrow down your selections. By following a strategic methodology, you can land on the ideal aesthetic name that checks all the right boxes.

Define Your Brand Identity

Before you start brainstorming names, get crystal clear on what your brand stands for. Define its mission, values, vibe, aesthetics, and target audience. This gives you a framework to evaluate name ideas against later.

Some key questions to ask yourself:

  • What are 3-5 words that describe your brand values and personality?
  • What feeling do you want to evoke in customers? (e.g., playful, luxurious, adventurous)
  • What is the brand’s visual identity? What colors, fonts, and imagery represent it?
  • Who is your ideal target audience? What words and concepts resonate most with them?

The more specifics you can pin down about your brand, the easier it’ll be to pick a name that aligns with your identity.

Brainstorm Extensively

Brainstorm Extensively to Choose Aesthetic Business Names

Brainstorming is where the real magic happens. Set aside dedicated time to brainstorm extensively until you have pages of potential name ideas to work with.

Approach brainstorming with an open and creative mindset. Consider different angles and sources of inspiration:

Random Word Combos

Put random words together to spark interesting combinations:

  • [Industry or product word] + [descriptive word]
  • [Abstract characteristic] + [concrete noun]
  • [Color] + [noun]

For example: Foodly, Velvet Motors, Blu Slate


Alliterations use repeating initial consonant sounds:

  • Coco Cabana
  • Style Station
  • Techsy Teens


Rhyming names have an artistic ring to them:

  • Twist and Mix
  • Health to Wealth

Evocative & Visually Descriptive Words

Choose words that paint a picture or evoke imagery related to your industry:

  • Everly Paints
  • Brushly (paint brushes)
  • The Tasty Table (restaurant)


Combine two words or concepts to create new meanings:

  • Bear + flower = Bearbloom boutique
  • Plane + automobile = Aeromobile
  • Friend + market: Friendessence shop

Foreign Words

Sprinkle in foreign words and exotic languages:

  • Amoré (Italian “love”)
  • Belleza (Spanish “beauty”)

Invented Words

Make up new words or give common words unconventional spellings:

  • Flutterly (eCommerce site)
  • AdoreMe
  • Skwiggle (education brand)

Theme-Related Puns

Puns and wordplay related to your industry or niche:

  • All Waffled Up (waffle store)
  • Bytes and Pieces (computer repair)

Branded Abbreviations

Abbreviate a full name into a branded acronym:

  • OGDR (Original Good Day Roasters)

Go through dictionaries, thesauruses, and name idea lists by industry to spur additional naming ideas. Reach out to friends and colleagues as well. Crowdsourcing can generate unique directions.

Aim to compile an extensive master list of 50-200 possible names. You want plenty of options to cherry-pick from later. Include any name that seems remotely viable at this stage so you have ample material to work with.

Research Availability & Trademark Potential

Research Availability & Trademark Potential

Now it’s time to vet your brainstormed master list of aesthetic business names for availability and trademark potential.

Check Domain Name Availability

Search to see if your preferred .com domain extensions are taken. The availability of matching domains can make or break a name.

Prioritize names where the .com is free or available to purchase at a reasonable cost.

Search Trademarks

Use free trademark search tools to see if your shortlisted names are trademarked. While you likely don’t need an existing trademark match to use a name, it’s wise to scope out potential conflicts.

Ideally, your names will be unique enough to have no existing trademark registrations. If you do find trademarks, ensure they are filed in different industry categories to avoid confusion.

Google It

Run basic Google searches on your name contenders to uncover other brands using them. See if competitors or unrelated businesses already claim your desired names on social media or the web.

Watch for potential conflicts, misspellings that redirect elsewhere, or undesirable search results tied to the names.

Cross off any names with significant availability issues, trademark conflicts, or search results concerns.

Choose Names That Fit Brand Criteria

With your vetted list of available aesthetic business names in hand, it’s time to start narrowing it down.

Evaluate the names against your defined brand identity criteria:

  • Which option(s) best capture your brand values, vibe, and aesthetics?
  • Which are most visually appealing and artistic when you picture them as a logo?
  • Which elicits the desired emotive response in you? What feelings or visuals come to mind?
  • How do the tone and connotations of each name match your target audience?

Get feedback from colleagues, friends, and customers if needed.

Gradually remove names that don’t fully align until you’ve narrowed it down to around 3-5 final candidates.

Perform Due Diligence Checks

Conduct final due diligence on your top aesthetic business name contenders:

Verbal Feedback

Say the names out loud. Do they roll off the tongue easily without tripping people up?

Get other people’s takes to catch tricky pronunciations or impressions you may have missed.

Cultural Checks

Do internet research to uncover any cultural associations, innuendos, or unwanted meanings tied to the names. Some words translate negatively into other languages, contain slang, or have offensive connotations you may have missed.

Visual Mock-Ups

Mock up the names as logos and brand imagery. Do they look appealing visually? What logo fonts and styles fit each name? Viewing names visually can provide a new perspective.

Legal Opinion

If investing significant money into a name, consider getting a quick legal trademark opinion. Lawyers can flag potential risks around registrability or prior use conflicts. Their objective eye may uncover risks in a favorite name.

Refine your selections until you’ve narrowed in on 1-3 truly exceptional aesthetic business name candidates.

Create Matching Domain Names & Social Handles

Secure the domain name and matching social media handles for your favorite aesthetic business name picks right away.

  • Register your desired .com domain (and key extensions like .net)
  • Create social media profiles and reserve handles on networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the name.

Claiming the identities solidifies your name and prevents losing great domains and usernames in the meantime. You can develop the accounts later.

Trademark Your New Name

Trademark Your New Name

Once you’ve officially chosen the perfect aesthetic business name, take steps to protect it:

  • Register for a trademark. File a trademark application to gain legal rights to your business name and defend against others using it.
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring. Set up automatic trademark-watching services to monitor if any similar names or marks are filed going forward and take action quickly.

Trademark registration provides invaluable legal protection and peace of mind for your beloved brand name for years to come.

Key Takeaways

Choosing an aesthetically pleasing business name takes time and a strategic approach. But the payoff is huge in terms of having a beautiful, memorable brand identity.

Keep these tips in mind when brainstorming and selecting your new artistic company name:

  • Clarify your brand identity before starting. Names should reflect your values, vibe, aesthetics, and audience.
  • Brainstorm extensively using creative techniques like rhymes, word combinations, puns, invented words, and more.
  • Vet your list for availability conflicts, trademark risks, and unwanted search results.
  • Narrow down options that fit your criteria until you have a few polished contenders left.
  • Perform final due diligence like pronunciation tests, cultural checks, visual mock-ups, and legal reviews.
  • Secure matching domains and social handles quickly once you’ve chosen the name.
  • Protect your investment through trademark registration and ongoing monitoring.

Follow this step-by-step methodology, and with some persistence, you will uncover the perfect aesthetic business name that aligns beautifully with your brand identity.

An artistic name not only sounds great but also makes a memorable and meaningful statement about your company’s values and vision. With a name that encapsulates your brand creatively, you’ll stand out from competitors and connect more authentically with your audience.

So take the time to craft a business name you adore aesthetically. One that rolls off the tongue and evokes all the right imagery about your offerings. The effort to find that artistic name will pay dividends for your brand for years to come.


Choosing the ideal aesthetic business names takes work – but following this structured brainstorming process will help uncover that golden name option that aligns perfectly with your brand identity. Let your creativity run wild and don’t be afraid to invent unique word combinations until you land on the perfect artistic name. Just be sure to check availability and secure matching domains right away before finalizing your selection. An aesthetically pleasing and meaningful name can become one of your company’s greatest assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should my business name be?

A: Shorter is usually better. Stick to 1-3 words or under 12 characters. Short names are more memorable and align well with logos.

Q: Should I hire a professional naming agency?

A: Professional namers can provide fresh objective perspectives. But DIY brainstorming works for many. Only hire a naming firm if you’ve exhausted your own efforts and have an ample budget.

Q: What makes a business name “aesthetic”?

A: Aesthetic names use creative languages like rhymes, alliteration, evocative words, invented words, puns, and more to be artistic, expressive, and beautiful.

Q: Can I trademark a common word or phrase?

A: You may be able to if you can prove enough distinct usage in commerce. But expect an uphill battle registering common terms that lack inherent distinctiveness. Unique invented names have an easier path.

Q: How much does a trademark registration cost?

A: Basic costs are $225-350 for government filing fees, plus $700+ for lawyer fees. Significantly more if exchanges or litigation occur. While not cheap, trademarks provide invaluable protection.

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