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There’s little question as to whether you’d insure your brick-and-mortar business, but the same might not be true if a majority of your business is conducted online. Before you delay exploring your options for Indianapolis business insurance because you have an online business, get the full picture of the situation and protect your business (as well as your peace of mind) accordingly.

Your Liabilities

While operating your business entirely online is a great way to save on the cost of overhead, doing so comes with its own share of unique vulnerabilities, ones that can cost you if you aren’t careful. For instance, if you have sensitive, personal or financial client or customer information stored on your computer and you’re the victim of a hack or data breach, not only will have to pay to recover, you might also be on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Any products you sell that harm buyers can result in you being involved in a legal battle. Know that it makes no difference if you manufactured the items you sell, you can still be held liable. Also, if you meet with your clients at your home and one of them is injured, or their property is damaged, you could be held liable for the resulting medical bills.

How to Protect Yourself

Now that you have a better idea of just what you have to lose by operating an online business, it’s time you learn how to protect yourself and the investment you’ve made. One of the first things you should know is that it can be challenging to find specialist coverage for an online business, mainly because most insurance companies don’t have the products necessary to cover your unique liabilities. That being said, you can at least look into getting liability insurance.

No matter your industry, you should at least have general liability coverage. Such policies are designed to safeguard you from property damage and personal injury claims resulting from a third-party. You should also look into professional liability insurance. In the event that you should ever make a misstep while providing your services, your clients or customers might decide to bring legal action against you if the mistake is dire enough. Specifically, you’ll want to consider what’s known as Errors & Omissions insurance.

Finally, there’s also cyber liability coverage, which will help protect you from the data breaches and cyberattacks touched on above. Note that there might be a third-party cyber liability inclusion with an Errors & Omissions policy.

Keep In Touch With Your Insurance Agent

Know that business insurance isn’t something you set and forget. As your business changes and grows, you want to keep your insurance agent aware of those changes in case you need to make alterations to your policy. You don’t want to get insurance now, leave your policy as is for several years and learn that you’ve outgrown it as well as the protection it provides when you need to file a claim down the line.

No matter if you’re just gotten your online-based business up and running or are thinking about starting an online business, proper coverage is essential every step of the way. Talk with an agent today.

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