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How to do marketing with WhatsApp Business

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new ways to stay in close contact with their customers. After trying emails and social networks, now it’s time for messaging apps.

Have you ever thought of being able to chat directly with the company?

Until recently there were chat services available to customers on the websites of the brands, but now something new is born.

The famous WhatsApp messaging platform has created the WhatsApp Business app.

Have you ever heard of it?

It is a truly innovative tool to create a direct line with customers and make a change to the customer experience.

Discover now how to do marketing with WhatsApp Business for your business.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a free messaging application designed specifically for small business owners.

Why did you have so much success?

For the first time a space has been created specifically designed to bring together businesses and customers.

The purpose of WhatsApp Business is precisely to facilitate interaction with customers through a series of tools that the platform makes available and that allow you to speed up, organize and automate responses.

WhatsApp Messenger is used by a good half of the world population and the idea is to encourage contact with companies with the same simplicity with which you would send a message to a friend.

A few numbers

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application in the world along with Facebook Messenger, with a user base of 1.6 billion active users.

Now it will be clear to you why it was decided to exploit this platform not only for personal purposes but also to do marketing and increase your business.

But that’s not all!

The creation of an app able to put companies and customers in contact is not based only on a hope, but on a need actually requested by consumers.

According to a Hootsuite research, 67% of users who regularly use messaging apps would like to establish direct contact with companies through WhatsApp.

But what are the new features and how can you do marketing with WhatsApp Business?

Many features for companies

Given that the application has been provided for companies, many special features have been created that they can use to communicate with customers.

First of all, it gives the possibility to create a specific company profile.

Within this, you can enter information about your business, a profile photo, email address, location, site and a description.

Since companies can do marketing with WhatsApp Business, they need to monitor a whole range of activities such as sent messages, delivered messages and open ones. These insights are all available within the application.

A really interesting feature is that of being able to divide contacts into categories.

What does it mean?

To distinguish users it is possible to segment them thanks to labels that indicate those who have purchased, new customers, historians, etc.

Since these are professional messages, as already happens for e-mail addresses, even on WhatsApp Business it is possible to insert a personalized signature for one’s own communications.

Finally, these can be of different types.

You can save quick replies to be sent regularly to users by selecting them through quick commands.

When to use them?

In case you are asked for opening hours, physical address of the office or other standard information.

An essential feature for marketing with WhatsApp Business is the ability to send automatic messages even when you are offline.

How to do marketing with WhatsApp Business

Implement your marketing strategies with WhatsApp Business

Here are some strategies you can use to turn WhatsApp Business into a perfect marketing tool.

Answer within 24 hours

Whoever does marketing knows, customers must be managed when they are still hot. Waiting too long to give them an answer or to follow up can make the customer’s interest diminish until it is completely dissipated.

Thanks to the messaging app, it becomes much more immediate to send a reply.

The ideal timeframe would be to respond within 2 hours of first contact, however even a day’s time is considered a reasonable time.

Use different text formats

WhatsApp Business provides different message modes. These include sending documents, images, audio, etc.

Try to be varied when you come into contact with your customers, choose to send interactive communications that arouse curiosity and interest.

One of the positive sides of the technology is precisely that of being able to diversify in order not to create a recognizable pattern that would induce the user to simply ignore the message.

Choose WhatsApp Business as a customer service

When a problem occurs with your product or service, customers want to be able to contact you as soon as possible.

Marketing with WhatsApp Business to offer this service is a winning strategy to gain a clear advantage over its competitors.

You can also advertise the number within your website or social media channels just like a plus of your company.

Marketing with WhatsApp Business through groups

Man is by nature a social animal and to feel part of a group is a decisive aspect.

For your company you can think of creating groups in order to do content marketing or to share offers and promotions only with specific customers.

Before the advent of WhatsApp Business, this was possible thanks to Facebook groups, but you will also agree that receiving a message on your smartphone is much more immediate and personal.

Design creative advertising campaigns

The problem with WhatsApp Business is the fact that you cannot send a personal message to the contacts if they are not the first to start the conversation with you.

For this, you have to be very creative in your advertising campaigns to encourage them to take action.

An idea could be to send a promotion to all those who will write you a specific word on WhatsApp Business.

Every day new tools arise that can be used to improve the business volume of your company and marketing with WhatsApp Business is just one of them.

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