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5 Key Benefits of Industrial Fireproofing Services for Your Business

Industrial fires devastate businesses, causing significant property damage and disrupting normal operations. Keeping employees and visitors safe should be a top priority for facility managers and commercial fireproofing services help achieve that goal.

Fireproofing is applied to structural steel and equipment supports during construction to reduce the risk of a severe fire. 

Reduced Risk of Damage

A fire within an industrial facility can be catastrophic. It can cause significant loss of human life, damage business assets, and halt operations for a prolonged period. In addition, it can tarnish the company’s reputation in its industry sector.

Faulty equipment that generates sparks or combustible dust is standard in many industrial workplaces. Electrical malfunctions like wires with exposed or overloaded circuits also account for many fire hazards in these facilities.

Buildings outfitted with fireproofing systems and systems maintain their structural integrity for longer, which gives workers and occupants the time to escape or firefighters the time to extinguish the flames. Most coatings work can be done off-site, which reduces the number of times applicators must access confined spaces or combustible areas on construction sites.

Increased Productivity

In industrial settings, there are often a variety of hazardous materials used or stored on-site. It presents an increased risk for fire, especially if these substances aren’t properly handled or stored. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to prevent fire-related hazards from occurring.

Commercial property managers must also be aware of industry-specific risks and standards. Proper safety measures can significantly reduce risk, whether it’s a petrochemical refinery or a wood processing facility.

While any business needs to take special care regarding fire safety, it’s essential for companies that work with flammable materials and extensive production systems. Fortunately, fireproofing services help protect these facilities and those inside them from devastating consequences.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Fireproofing reduces the risk of damage to your property and assets. That makes getting the insurance coverage you need to pay for repairs or replacements that may be required after a fire more accessible.

In addition, the fire resistance measures that come with industrial fireproofing services will help lower your insurance premiums as time passes. It is because a building that has been adequately fireproofed will have a lower risk of damage or loss, and insurance companies consider that when setting rates.

Fire-stopping sealant is applied to areas where a fire could spread out of the room of origin and into other parts of the structure, including floor or ceiling joists, wall-to-wall connections, and vertical openings. 

Increased Employee Satisfaction

A company’s employees are the most valuable asset, and keeping them satisfied should be a top priority for all business owners. Employee satisfaction is closely linked to the profitability and success of a business.

A great way to ensure that your team is happy and productive is by implementing effective fire safety systems in your facility. It includes establishing emergency evacuation routes, ensuring accessibility to firefighting equipment, and implementing fire suppression systems tailored to your facility’s specific needs.

By implementing fireproofing in your facility, you can prevent severe structural damage from occurring during a fire. These products provide steel construction with added resistance to high temperatures and can be installed in various ways. For example, lightweight and dense intumescent fireproofing can be applied in the shop while the rest of the structure is erected on-site. It helps to reduce the number of tradespeople working on the steel at the same time, which in turn improves employee safety.

Reduced Downtime

Many industrial fires can be caused by electrical malfunctions, which can be prevented by having equipment regularly inspected by certified professionals, keeping circuits from overloading, and using proper storage procedures for flammable materials. Also, installing high-quality detection systems and fire extinguishers can help prevent downtime in a fire by ensuring that any potential danger is detected as quickly as possible.

Industrial fireproofing is a system that helps to protect steel construction from structural failure during a fire. Typically, this type of protection is applied as a cementitious material that requires specialized machinery to mix and apply. This material acts as an insulator and delays heat transfer, which gives firefighters more time to respond. Intumescent coatings that swell at high temperatures are also available to create a protective barrier.

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