Would an e-reception work in your office?

Gone are the days when visitors arrived at reception and used a pen on a bit of string to sign into a book, which might still be open on yesterday’s page depending on what time the appointment is.

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A digital visitors staff signing in book is more likely to be the method used to track staff and visitors now, often as part of a digital e-reception suite.

While some larger corporations may be tempted by a bells-and-whistles e-reception aimed at wowing their customers, a whole range of applications are available for all levels of companies and institutions.

Temporary visitors

One of the most important things to consider is a system that ensures the safety of all employees and anyone visiting the site, including not only temporary visitors but also people such as contractors who may be on-site for the duration of the working day. This is because their safety is the responsibility of the employer.

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An appropriate system can be found at sites such as https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/digital-visitors-and-staff-signing-in-book.aspx.


The attraction of an e-reception package is that as your business gets busier, the effective front office is the first impression a visitor or potential client has of your organisation. A busy area causing queueing and delaying appointments is anathema to most visitors. Alternatively, a tumbleweed environment with an empty reception desk suggests a lack of efficiency. Both these possibilities can be avoided by an efficient e-reception suite in operation.

It is also a money-saver in the sense that it brings efficiency savings to potentially over-worked staff members.

The fact that everyone is signed into the organisation means that reception knows who is on-site when a visitor arrives. There is never a situation where reception is unaware whether the person the client is visiting is available.

As far as the visitor is concerned, e-reception can carry personal messages that make them feel valued, and badge printing will be automated and efficient. Visitors feel appreciated and safe, and they get a good first impression of your organisation.

Adding a barcode to a visitor pass means they can pass in and out of the site and remain in the system. This ability to track everyone on site is vital when it comes to the health and safety issues mentioned above.

An informed an efficient front desk makes a great impression on visitors.

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