7 Tips for Discreetly Carrying Your Gun in a Coat Or Jacket

As a concealed carry permit holder, your clothing can make all the difference in whether your firearm is easily accessible and discreetly hidden. This article will examine seven tips for secretly carrying your gun in a coat or jacket.

Textured fabrics, like herringbone and birds eye work, help break up lines that could indicate you’re armed. Avoid pin-stripes, which emphasize bulges, and try to find a stiff & heavy fabric such as cotton, flannels, or winter-weight wools. These naturally resist printing and require little, if any, specialty adjustments.

Choose the Right Fabric

Choosing the suitable fabric is crucial in concealing your gun. A stiff, solid-colored material is a good choice.

Avoid light-colored fabrics, which can conform to protruding stocks and holsters and reveal a holster strap.

A dark-colored suit, sports jacket or trousers are a good choice for concealed carry. Also, patterns that break up lines work well; for example, herringbone, nailhead and birdseye.

Wool sweaters are another excellent option for concealed carry; they hide bulges in the fabric and don’t leave an impression on your hidden firearm.

Don’t Overdo It

It’s a good idea to pick concealed carry coats and jackets made of fabric you can wear. If you decide to wear your firearm, ensure it’s tucked away into a compartment designed for that purpose. The best coats and jackets are also designed with comfort in mind, not to mention a bit of style. The most crucial consideration is choosing a coat or jacket that will stand the test of time. This is a critical consideration if you plan to wear your gun in public or regularly, and it’s especially pertinent if your firearm is concealed.

Get a Tailor

If you plan to carry your weapon concealed in a coat or jacket, you’ll want to get it tailored to fit perfectly. This will ensure you’re comfortable having your firearm and staying out of sight.

Tailors are skilled seamstresses who alter clothing for their clients. They use their skills to create custom-made dresses, repair existing clothing, and adjust garments for their customers’ specific body types.

Tailors can be found in nearly every town or city. They often work for clothing manufacturers, upscale boutiques, and fashion designers.

Remember to Practice

A coat or jacket is an effective way to conceal your gun. However, it’s essential to remember that hiding a concealed weapon properly takes practice.

The key to success is to practice drawing the weapon quickly and smoothly from under your coat or jacket. This will help you avoid accidental pointing and accidental flashing that can cause other people to suspect you are armed.

Choosing a textured fabric and patterns that break up lines, such as herringbone, birdseye or rough tweed, are good ideas. Also, consider wearing a stiffened rod or strap inside your coat pocket to keep your pistol in place and off the fabric’s surface while not carrying it.

Don’t Wear Tactical Pants or Camouflage

When concealing your gun in a coat or jacket, tactical pants or camouflage can be dangerous because they will draw attention to the fact that you have a weapon. They also tend to be too loose, so the jacket will brush back and expose your firearm.

The best option for concealing a gun in a coat or jacket is to purchase pants one to two inches larger than your standard size and to wear shirts with extra room to be bloused over the holster clips. The pants and shirt should be made from fabric designed to wick away sweat, like athletic clothes.

Don’t Wear a Dress Coat

When concealing your gun in a coat or jacket, you may be tempted to splurge on that new shiny coat on your closet shelf. But while a good jacket can do wonders for your concealment strategy, it’s not always the best option.

In particular, you’ll want to avoid a dress coat that hugs your body and exposes the outline of your firearm. Instead, opt for a lightweight jacket that’s tight enough and doesn’t skimp on style. The same rule of thumb applies to your shirt of choice.

Wear a Scarf or Shawl

When concealing your gun in a coat or jacket, wearing something that doesn’t look too obvious is essential. A scarf or shawl is an excellent choice because it’s versatile and adds a touch of style to your outfit.

They’re available in various colors and fabrics, so they’re sure to fit any budget. They can be worn around your neck or over one shoulder like a poncho.

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