Does bigger mean better when it comes to van rental?

Whether you are moving, going on a road trip or transporting goods for your business, choosing the right van rental for your needs is very important. Let’s take a look at whether bigger means better when it comes to van rental.

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Cargo capacity

The most obvious advantage of a larger van is its increased cargo capacity. If you have a substantial load to transport, such as furniture or equipment, a bigger van is likely to be the better choice. It can save you from making multiple trips or cramming everything into a smaller space, which could risk damage to your items.


It is essential to consider where you will be driving and parking your rental van. Larger vans can be more challenging to manoeuvre, especially in congested urban areas with narrow streets and limited parking. If you are not comfortable handling a larger vehicle, you might find it more stressful than practical.

Fuel efficiency

Another crucial factor is fuel efficiency. Larger vans tend to have bigger engines, which can result in higher fuel consumption. If you are covering long distances or travelling on a tight budget, a smaller van may be the more economical choice. There are more electric vans entering the market, which will eliminate conventional fuel costs.


Larger vans typically come with higher rental rates due to their increased capacity and features; therefore, if you don’t require the extra space, opting for a smaller van can save you money without compromising your needs. For van rental Bristol, check out specialists such as Autolyne.

Special features

Consider the features you need. Larger vans often come with additional amenities, such as more storage compartments, entertainment systems, or advanced safety features. Assess whether these extras are essential for your trip or if you can make do with a smaller and more basic model.

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So does bigger mean better when it comes to van rental? If you have a large load, a bigger van may be the practical choice; however, for more straightforward trips, smaller vans offer advantages in terms of manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency, and cost.

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