How to Avoid Duplicate Content on Your Website

Search engines like Google take a lot of time to index pages, especially web pages that contain duplicate content. Because search engines have to make sure it is unique and offers the same information as other pages in the same category, they are cautious about duplicate content. If a search engine sees duplicate content, it can mark the page as duplicate (or worse) and actually lower the ranking of the site. The down side to this is that it will take longer for your website to rank higher in the listings if it is labeled with duplicate content. You need to work around this to get your website indexed.

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One way you could avoid duplicate content on your website is by not including it in the About Me section on the home page. If you include a link to your contact page in the About Me section, then you are being less deceptive about what you are trying to achieve – so be sure to do this. Another way you can avoid duplicate content on your website is to place a link to your Contact Us page on every page of the website so that customers can get in contact with you rather than having to search for the About Me link. For help from Web Design Cheltenham, contact Absolute Creative Marketing

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You can also avoid duplicate content by using header tags, alt images, meta tags and keywords throughout your website. Use the same tone and voice when writing headers, alt images and Meta tags that you use elsewhere on your website. Keywords are another way you can avoid duplicate content on your website. Instead of putting your keywords directly into your title and description sections, place keywords in the title, first paragraph and last sentence of each page on your website so that search engines can see your website easily.

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