How to sit correctly at your desk

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When it comes to sitting correctly at a desk, we are all guilty of slouching into whatever position feels the most comfortable. Whilst the position may feel comfortable at the time you may find that you start to suffer with problems with your back, neck and shoulders over time. It is important that you sit correctly when working at a desk and you will need toesnure you have the correct desk type and Operator Chair in order to do this. If you are looking for suitable chairs for all your employees you can find places where Bulk discounts on large orders of operator chairs is available

The best position to sit in for a healthy back is as follows:

  • Chair close enough to your desk so that your forearms can rest on the surface.
  • Eyeline should be to the top of your computer screen
  • Feet flat and firmly on the floor
  • Lower and upper back should be touching the back of the chair.

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If you find your eye gaze in the incorrect position and your feet not flat on the floor you should look at using a monitor or desk riser to help correct this.

As well as sitting in the best position that you can, you should ensure that you are regularly stretching at your desk, even if this is a simple twist of your waist from one side to another and an arm stretch over your head. Where possible you should also go for a walk during your breaks and stretch out your back, legs and neck areas.

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