How to advertise your school effectively

Schools have had to adapt in the way that they are run and the ways in which they encourage parents and pupils to want to attend their school. They are now run much more like businesses and academy status has opened up a number of other income revenue streams for schools. It is therefore important that schools advertise themselves effectively. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved.

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Website – having Primary School Websites, like those from or those that are applicable to secondary schools in place is a great way to advertise a school. Not only does it allow the school to show its facilities, but it is also an area where any curriculum, extra-curricular activities and other school related information can be placed for parents and pupils to see.

Social media – more and more schools are using social media as an advertising tool. It gives them the option to share important moments throughout the school year as well as advertising any facilities that can be hired by local groups, families or members of the public. This is especially true for school sports centres.

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Blogs – having a blog on your school website is a great way for you to share the special moments that happen throughout the year. They can also be used as a way to share some of the curriculum outcomes from each year group within the school.

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