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The majority of your day is spent staring at your office space and if it’s a dull place to be it can lead to boredom and decreased productivity. With a few simple decor items, you can turn your office space from blah to beautiful.

Choose a Color Scheme

If you have the ability to decorate your space from scratch, choosing a color scheme can help you create a pleasing environment. Everything from the new office furniture Indianapolis you purchase to the desk lamp you find can fit into the colors you choose. Creating a mood board can help you determine the items you want to complete your look.

Add Plants

Plants can add life and vitality to a space. Place a small potted plant on your desk or add a variety of hanging plants or floor plants to your area. If you don’t have much natural light, you can always add fake plants. The bonus there is you don’t have to worry about watering them.

Practice Minimalism

Did you know that physical clutter leads to mental clutter? Keeping your office space decluttered can help increase your productivity by keeping your brain focused. If you have piles of papers, books and other items on your desk, it can lead to stress and distraction because you have to think about cleaning the mess up.

Add Light

The brighter your work space, the more energy your body has. Use natural light as much as possible by placing your desk near a window. Avoid heavy window treatments that can block the light. In the absence of natural light, use bright white light bulbs around your space. Choose pretty lamps to liven up your desk area and add additional touches to your overall decor.

Decorating your office is an important part of keeping your mind happy and productive while working.

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