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Recruitment for marine and shipping industries is very different from recruitment in other sectors. It is difficult to find the right candidates for niche industries. The qualification and skill set requirement for niche industries varies from the other sectors. Organizations on the lookout for talent need patience and need to follow a recruitment procedure where they can select the best candidates for the job. It is advisable to partner with recruitment consultants in order to make the process of recruitment easier and quicker. With the recruitment consultants doing all the work for you, you will be able to concentrate on the business and pay attention to areas that need your time. The recruitment consultants have a large pool of candidates who are looking for a job change. It will give you a wider choice and you will be able to choose the ones that meet your requirements. Erik Juhler offers complete recruitment solutions for your business and will speed up the process of hiring.

Hiring made easier for organizations

The recruitment consultant has an experience of more than thirty-five years and is one of the top shipping recruitment companies. They provide first class recruitment solutions for ship management companies and ship owners which include offshore, shoreside personnel and seafaring. The team of consultants works to acquire the best talent in the market and offer the best services to meet your requirements. All you need to do is provide them with details about the vacancy in your organization and they will search the market for suitable candidates. Similarly, job seekers can create their profile and upload the CV to be able to search for jobs based on their location and skills. The consultants are currently working on a large number of seagoing and shore-based technical roles and are looking for CVs from fleet managers, technical directors, marine superintendents, technical superintendents, chief officers and chief engineers. They specialize in shore-based and marine engineering recruitment for ship majors as well as marine consultancies nationally and internationally.

Erik Juhler is a trusted name in the industry and has catered to the needs of various organizations. They provide temporary, permanent and contract recruitment in addition to executive search and salary survey. They will understand your business and requirements of hiring, based on which they will search the market for talent and reach out to you with the best candidates for your organization. You will not have to go through the traditional method of recruitment where you advertise for the same and go through all the applications one by one. This can cost you efforts and time. With the recruitment consultants by your side, you will be able to search for talent globally and recruit the ones that will take your business to new heights. Whether you are looking for middle level employees or senior level employees, recruitment will now become a simple and easy task for you. Simply contact the recruitment consultants for your service.

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