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How To Set Up A Roast Chicken Business

I always said that food businesses are very profitable and are ideal projects to grow in the future, providing many opportunities. And the roast chicken business is one of them, although many people believe that it is no longer profitable, it is just the opposite, it works and very well! Therefore if you were willing to undertake in this sector, then we will see things that you must take into account to achieve success.

The good thing about undertaking in the food market is that it allows us to work independently and manage our schedules. Although being a food business, you must put much more effort and dedication to be successful. But without more words, let’s see what you need to ride in this sector and what things you have to plan.

Set Up A Roast Chicken Business

roast chicken

Many believe that starting a roast chicken business is just cooking a chicken on the grill and go! but no, you should also offer other varieties of food and all kinds of drinks.

Mainly you should choose different varieties of foods that accompany the roast chicken, such as salads, French fries, desserts, etc. Also keep in mind that many people are not going to want a complete chicken, so you should offer chicken cut, as well as offer other types of meat.

As for drinks, it has to offer mineral water, beers, soft drinks, soft drinks and different types of juices. For all these things you will have to find a good supplier that can offer you all these products and buy it wholesale to be able to have a greater profit margin. Try to invest in first and second brand products, which work very well in the market.

Knowing the market

In case you did not know this market, is a sector that works mostly on weekends, although since mid-week there is a significant increase in customers, where families are those who usually attend this type of food business, as well as of friends. Therefore I recommend creating a menu that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people, from kids to adults.

Investigate if there is competition

Before setting up a broiler business, it is mandatory to investigate if there is any direct competition, since there may be many restaurants or food businesses that offer the same product. In addition, any type of food business may be your responsibility, so avoid setting up your business near established restaurants and fast food chains such as Mc Donalds.

Also, if there is much more competition in your area, it is very likely that you have to manage very low-profit margins in order to compete and that is not good for the business, nor for you.

Developing A Business Plan

roast chicken

As in any business, you must make a plan and that document should write everything your project needs to achieve the expected sales, as well as different techniques to get customers immediately. Then I will leave some points that you must take into account when making your business plan. You also try 10 types of business opportunities to generate sources of income.

The appearance of your business: You must plan the aspect to be able to attract the clients that you want, you have to give it a unique touch that invites its clients to enter. Other important aspects are the furniture, which should give a good touch and should be comfortable.


You must take into account what type of people you hire to help you in your business because customer service is essential for the roast chicken business to work properly. If someone treats the customer incorrectly, it is very likely that they will lose that customer.

Things that the business needs:

In planning, you must incorporate what you need in your business, such as cutlery, containers, tableware and other things that are necessary.


As in any business, you should plan the location of your business, this is essential for your business to work as it should be.


As I said above You should investigate if there is any competition, and if it exists you should add it in your planning to see if it can affect it or not. And if you decide to compete, you will have to incorporate everything you research about it, from what type of food it offers, to the prices it handles.

Equipment to work:

roast chicken

Being a food business, you will need some equipment to work quickly and serve your customers. One of the main equipment will be a grill, fryer, oven, microwave, iron. You will also need refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ice makers. Then you must add the elements that are needed in a roast chicken business such as napkins, containers, glasses, dishes.

So that you have an idea about how much you have to invest, let’s see an example of real expenses for a well-roasted chicken business:

– Modification of the Local: 24,000

– Furniture: 3,000

– Computer and Software Equipment: 1,650

– Equipment: 15,000

– Initial Stock: 8,000

– Utensils and Tools: 1,000

Advertising for business

roast chicken

An essential part for your business to work is advertising. You must plan and carry out marketing for your project. This way you can get customers immediately and the faster you get customers, the faster your business will work. I always recommend advertising through the Internet, either by Google Adwords or by Facebook, because today people are connected to the Internet for a long time, being a great source of potential customers.

I also recommend creating an account on all social networks so your customers can follow it and see all the offers you publish during the week.

Is A Roast Chicken Business Profitable? And How Much Investment Is Needed?

It is a business that continues to be profitable to this day, which allows adding other types of meals and services to complement the business. Currently, an investment of USD $ 50,000 is calculated to have it working and with all the necessary equipment, although you can also undertake for much less money if you can get the equipment at a lower price. As for the return on investment, for this type of business is between 10 and 14 months (depending on the country and obviously the area).

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