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Public speaking techniques to publicize your innovative business

The strategy may be impeccable, perhaps you wrote the objectives of it very clearly and, probably your innovative business plan has been established after a thorough market investigation. But to be able to have a network of clients. That remains in time there is something you should do well: Make your business known.

Having a remarkable ability to speak is one of the basic skills that any innovative business owner should have. In this article, we give you some simple and concrete information. So, that you can make your business known in an effective and successful way.

Do not you know how much text to put on the slides of your presentation? Do you move your hands a lot when you talk and do not know what to do with them? Don’t worry! Look at these tips:

We explain here are some speaking techniques to publicize your innovative business

Presentations with one word per slide

One of the most important elements for any speaker is their support material when dictating a lecture or lecture. We must not forget that the person giving the presentation is the speaker and not the material that, as we will propose, comes to be a simple support.

innovative businessTherefore, the following steps are recommended to generate support material that gives more strength to those who stand by the curtain:

Maximum three words per slide: 

This will allow the speaker to have a reminder of what should be said at that time and thus be able to delve into that specific topic.

The exception makes the rule:

When we talk about hard data, we must expose the graphics of the same in the presentation, generating a constant interaction of the speaker, their hands and the information exposed in the curtain.

Simple colors:

We must be careful not to look away and for this, the colors used should be in the line of cute and striking. Do not think of using bright colors or PowerPoint backgrounds that simulate a zebra or a tiger. Keep your attention focused on you: The speaker.


Presents a kind of index at the beginning of your presentation. In this way, your interlocutors will be aware of the topics to be discussed. eye! Do not deliver more information than necessary.

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Speak with conviction

You must be convinced that you are offering something unique in your class. You must be very careful not to cross the thin line that separates people with confidence from arrogant people. As a speaker, one of your main tasks is to persuade the interlocutor and there are some extremely productive techniques for this goal to be carried out perfectly:

innovative business

  • Use a sound-bite: In Political Communication, the sound-bite is something that is used a lot. You should try to define a phrase thinking that this is the phrase that will appear in the headlines of the newspaper. The next day when they are quoting you. On repeated occasions, you must insert this phrase in your speech and in this way, your interlocutors will remember this phrase more than any other.
  • Practice in front of the mirror: Look in the mirror, lose your fear, correct your nervous tics, try not to bite your lip and avoid at all costs the ” ehh ” between sentences. Believe it or not, a short silence is always better.
  • Try to convince your friends: Take some friends as volunteers and try to sell your idea through the presentation you are doing. Speaking in front of familiar people can have two effects: Give yourself confidence and security or get even more nervous for fear of being judged, and in this case, both options are absolutely useful for your professional growth when speaking.

Nonverbal language

Not everything is in the words. The dissertation must be supported by a good use of non-verbal language. Your looks, your posture, your movement of hands and even your dress are factors that will make a difference when speaking in front of a certain audience.

Remember that we have 5 senses and that when we have a speaker at the front, they are all at stake (you do not have to commit cannibalism for taste to participate).

innovative business

  • Dynamic posture but not choreography: Use your presentation space, move around the ” stage ” that is at your disposal but keep in mind that you should not divert attention to the movement of your feet. This movement will only serve so that those present at the hearing do not fall asleep and are aware that your presentation has a desirable quota of dynamism.
  • Take care of your hands: Talking with your hands is important. Counting, for example, or explaining a situation is always positive when we go with our upper extremities. However, you must be careful. We do not want to throw a glass of water or move to carry anyone ( and yes, it happens more times than you imagine ).


Keep a simple and close language. Do not use bombastic terms. If you want to say ” showcase ” or ” stained glass ” for example, it is worth referring to it as ” showcase “.

innovative businessThe most important thing is to modulate and establish a connection with the interlocutors that last. At least, during all the time that your presentation takes. Get eye contact with them, try to be nice. Get in their shoes and be part of an experience that could be unique.

Speak well, be impeccable with your words and always deliver added value. And you know what? All this you can do, too, when you start creating your own innovative business.


We try to help you through this article to learn presentation and public speaking techniques to publicize your innovative business plan. We hope, you follow this technique and grow your business day by day and make you a successful businessman.

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