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Every property manager needs to stay apprised about activity at their buildings which could present a security risk. Here are a couple ways that you can stay on top of your building’s security.

Install Motion Activated Security Cameras in Common Areas

Video surveillance will help to deter unauthorized access to a building. Setting cameras to be motion activated will allow you to easily find any footage that you need to review. Video surveillance can help protect you from liability, and it will provide residents with reassurance about a building’s safety.

Know What Is Happening at Your Building

In addition to reviewing security camera footage, police reports for your building’s address can help you stay informed about what is happening there and whether there have been any type of disturbances or criminal activity onsite. Also, many cities and municipalities track the number of nuisance calls from individual addresses. A building that gets flagged for nuisance calls may develop a poor relationship with law enforcement authorities, and more than a certain amount of calls within a given timeframe could jeopardize a lodging house license. You can get help with police report retrieval online, so you won’t have to go to the police station.

Use an Electronic Access System and Audit It Regularly

Access controls that are activated with key fobs are an excellent way to secure access to the common areas of your building. You can be assured that fobs can’t be duplicated, and you can limit the number of fobs allowed to each unit. Using a system that allows you to audit its access history will enable you to easily deactivate fobs when necessary.

Taking steps to ensure adequate security at your building will create a safer environment for your residents. In addition, some security measures can help you realize savings on your property insurance.

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