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5 reasons why digital entrepreneurs find it hard to get customers

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Today I am going to tell you about a very frequent problem in digital entrepreneurs: the lack of customers. Have you noticed that few people openly comment that it is hard for them to get customers?

If you publicly mention how well you are doing, everyone in front will think that if you sell so much it is because you are very good. However, if what you express is that you need to get customers, you will surely believe that others will think that you are a beginner or, in the worst case, that your service or product is mediocre and nobody wants it.

The reality is that your ability, skill and professionalism are beyond any doubt and if you have trouble getting clients, it is not because of the quality you offer, but for some of the 5 reasons that I will tell you in this article.

In which of them do you stumble? Let’s find out!

You have trouble selling yourself

We start with a classic. You like what you do, you are good, you can help many people, but when it comes time to sell yourself … you get hives.

If you are an entrepreneur, you have no choice but to sell yourself and that many people find it repellent, because no one has taught us to sell and generally it is not something that comes naturally.

Some of the feelings and thoughts that usually go through your head are …

  • I don’t like disturbing others.
  • I do not want to be heavy.
  • I don’t want to seem desperate.
  • I don’t have time to promote myself.
  • I don’t know what actions will be really effective for me.
  • I don’t feel safe enough.
  • I don’t want to seem self-centered.
  • If it was really good, people would come to work with me without announcing me.
  • I am ashamed to show my website.

And the one who takes the gold trophy: the impostor syndrome, the lack of confidence that leads you to think that you will not be able to help your clients.

You have not defined your ideal client

This is too frequent a problem and one of the reasons that best explain the difficulty in getting customers. Many digital entrepreneurs have a general idea of what their market niche is, but they don’t know what their ideal customer is.

Defining your ideal client may not be easy, but it is necessary. For this, you need to determine the following …

  • Demographic characteristics.
  • Psychography
  • Empathy Map

The definition of the ideal client has a lot of crumbs and I could spend hours writing about this, so stop and reflect if you really know your audience and are empathizing with it in the most effective way possible.

You are afraid to specialize

Imagine you are a nutritional coach and help your clients lose weight. Therefore, the first thing you tend to think about is that any overweight person needs your services. You even think you can help anyone whose interest is to lose weight.

You may be right, but with an increasingly voracious competition on the Internet, if you offer the same as any other nutritional coach, it will cost you a lot of work to highlight and attract new potential customers.

The solution to this is to specialize. Clients prefer to work with a person who specializes in what they need with a general practitioner. And they are also willing to pay more to a specialized professional.

Actually, this is nothing new. Think of doctors, for example. Depending on what problems you have, go to a specialist or another. And although everyone has knowledge of Medicine, if you break a bone, surely you prefer to be treated by a traumatology than a neurologist, right?

Following the example of nutritional coaching, you can specialize in treating specific groups that need to lose weight …

  • Teenagers.
  • Middle-aged men.
  • Women who have had a child recently and have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy.
  • People with morbid obesity.
  • People with weight problems due to hormonal alterations.

Focusing on a specific problem will make your ideal clients find you more easily, perceive you as a specialist and want to trust your services.

Many online entrepreneurs are afraid to choose a niche because they think it will be difficult to find customers, but in reality, the opposite is true. The more specific your niche is, the easier it will be for them to find you.

Your marketing strategy is not correctly defined

An error of approach in the marketing strategy can generate great frustration when it comes to getting customers.

In this sense, there are 2 opposite poles: excessively motivated entrepreneurs and those who are not at all.

I start with the excessively motivated. These digital entrepreneurs generate a lot of content, both for their blog and for their social networks.

They spend time participating in Facebook groups to generate engagement, posting content on Instagram, making Facebook Live videos and more. This is good, but at the same time, it can overwhelm and burn, especially if it is done for the sake of being and there is no specific objective behind.

On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs who publish something on their blog or on Facebook from Easter to Ramos and then wonder why nobody knows them and their phone never rings.

In addition to recommending you to avoid extremes, at this point the ideal is to reflect on the objectives you want to achieve and, based on them, design your perfect marketing strategy.

Not only will it help you to get customers, but also to be more productive and make better use of time.

When planning your marketing actions, don’t forget offline marketing. The more traditional strategies continue to work, so don’t miss out on opportunities.

Your website is like an online catalog

There are still entrepreneurs who see a web page as that path that leads directly to customers. Unfortunately, it is not. Having a website, just like that, is no longer synonymous with getting customers.

While having a website will not make customers rain, it will help you. It all depends on your use of it.

What usually happens is that many entrepreneurs create their website without a marketing strategy behind that turns visitors into leads.

The web has to be built in such a way that it guides the visitor along the desired path until he performs the action we are looking for. But instead, there are many sites that are a kind of amalgam of products and services that are unattractive and not at all persuasive.

If your business has a website like that, I tell you since you’re losing customers every day and your website is like an open tap through which the water escapes.

And now it comes when you ask yourself: how does my website have to be to help me get clients? I give you several tips that will help you …

  • Your website has to be professional, both the aesthetic and the technical part. This is not a game, it is your business, and anyone who has a website with a better design and that works better will get over you.
  • Do not just dedicate yourself to describe your services or products. Show what benefits they have. For this, you need persuasive writing and you will achieve this with the services of a professional copywriter.
  • Offer a valuable lead magnet on your homepage and build a list of subscribers. A good lead magnet will make visitors attracted to your content. This way they will subscribe to your list. From here you must work your sales funnel.

All this seems like a world but if you take it seriously, you will see that it is easier than it seems.

Do you have trouble getting customers?

I hope that my experience has helped you see the problems of many online entrepreneurs to get customers. And above all, do not stay in something you read and that’s it: put these tips into practice.

How have you solved the difficulty to get customers? In addition to the problems I have described here, would you include any more? I wait for you in the comments to exchange impressions.

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