5 things that you didn’t know about Cyber Monday

After the mad rush of Black Friday, some consumers may think that the ridiculous sales and offers were over. They were wrong. Instead, Cyber Monday brings a whole lot of new deals that shoppers can’t wait to get their hands on. Here are some facts about Cyber Monday that you didn’t know.

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Prices are the most important

It comes as no surprise that online shoppers found the low prices to be the most important aspect of Cyber Monday, with 90% of those surveyed stating this to be true. In addition to the low prices, 86% of online shoppers also found free delivery to be an important factor. You may have just saved a massive amount on your items, but you needn’t run the risk of the delivery charge putting you off from going through with your purchase.

Maximum spending

The months leading up to Christmas continually feature in the statistics showing when the most shopping is done. In recent years, November has taken over from December as the top month for total retail sales. Cyber Monday also comes out on top, due to it becoming the highest online spending day each year since 2010.

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Fast delivery

With shoppers delighting in their Cyber Monday savings after buying a new appliance, for example, that delight soon turns to frustration if their goods are not received promptly. For that reason, some ecommerce companies are now starting to use same day courier services, such as allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier-service, so that they can offer the fastest delivery possible at this time of year. This gives them a real edge over their competitors.

Mobile shopping

The use of mobile devices has once again proved extremely popular, with 29.6 million online shoppers expected to use their device on Cyber Monday. Whilst online shopping via mobile is becoming the norm for many consumers, it is on Cyber Monday that the figures for mobile shoppers increase dramatically.

Increase in spending

Each year, Cyber Monday shoppers spend more and more on cut price items. This year alone, Cyber Monday spending is estimated to hit $2.4 billion, an increase on the £2.0 billion spent last year. Why pay full price when you can almost guarantee that Cyber Monday will bring some amazing savings on the items you want the most?

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