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Opening a business also means having valid business ideas, on which to work to develop projects. The business ideas are the basis of everything. It is from the idea that we start to develop our business. Even more, the entrepreneurial idea is important in people without experience in business management – as young people can be, certainly very creative but totally unaware of what a business is – which rely solely on the competitiveness of the business idea. Here, we have ten easy business ideas with which to open a business today.

Personal shopper

For some years now, the passion for the personal shopper, a profession popular in the USA, from which it has inherited the name and is now part of the new fashion trades, is growing more and more. Unlike what I could have imagined, the personal shopper is an increasingly popular figure due to the increasingly frenetic pace of our society. This figure, in fact, is also required in the face of the fact that people find themselves having less time available to devote to shopping or looking for the perfect gift and, therefore, the need arises to delegate a purchasing specialist. Not to mention, then, all those professionals who need to improve their style or acquire a new one, being aware of being guided by a competent figure to buy the best that is available on the market.

Guest house

Guest houses need no introduction. Their successful formula is widespread throughout the world and allows homeowners to make one or more rooms available to tourists in exchange for a financial contribution. A special feature of this business is that it can be started both on an entrepreneurial and occasional basis and without VAT registration.


Out with another activity with an incomprehensible Anglo-Saxon name, upcycling. In truth, the term is: creative recycling. Sounds bad, don’t you? This explains why I chose to keep the original name. The concept of upcycling is very simple: giving new life to waste materials, to be thrown away, to create new objects of greater value than the original material. It is enough to get rid of that mentality that links a good to a specific function.

Want some examples? I’ll get you some:

  • Original plant pots using plastic bottles;
  • Very nice clothes hangers with forks;
  • Practical mobile phone holders with jeans;
  • Signature paintings with bottle caps;
  • Comfortable armchairs with old wooden boards;
  • Funny towel racks with a tennis ball;
  • Useful pot holders with cork stoppers.

There is a saying that goes more or less like this: one man’s garbage is the treasure of another.

business ideas


We are giving ourselves ugly with terms. Now we are at dropshipping or rather an online sales technique that allows us to start up the business but without making any investment necessary to purchase the goods. Practically it will be possible to act as intermediaries between the supplier and the end customer because the e-commerce will contain the products physically present in the supplier’s warehouse, which will take care of shipping the goods on your behalf and name.

More in detail: open an e-commerce where you sell the products of a specific supplier; the end customer will place an order by accessing your site; concluded the order will proceed to payment on your behalf; at that point you can turn the order over to your supplier by paying for the goods. The difference between the price collected by you and the price paid to the supplier is your profit.

Event planner

If there is anything I can’t do, it’s organizing events. The idea of organizing a birthday or a party puts me in crisis. If it were possible I would delegate the organization to someone more prepared than me. So that’s what the event planner does: organize parties, meetings, conventions and events in general.

Many of us need an event planner. And those who choose to start this business know they are dealing with a profitable and constantly growing business. The event organizer is an enterprising type, with particular attention to detail, endowed with a lot of patience to deal with customers’ requests and capable of not losing control in case of stressful situations and unexpected disasters.

Social eating

A restaurant in the private home. It seems an unattainable activity and, instead, even in Italy you can open a home restaurant and do social eating. The concept is very simple: the chef’s house becomes a meeting place for people who do not know each other. Relationships are made and socializing by tasting the dishes linked to the family tradition of the landlord.

Energy consultant

The energy consultant or energy manager is the professional figure with transversal and multidisciplinary skills that acts as a link between the client and the experts. The role of the energy consultant, in addition to being ambitious and based on professional experience, is indispensable in a rapidly expanding energy market with application fields ranging from interventions on wall textures to interventions on plants and on free supplies.

In order to carry out its activity correctly, the energy consultant must know in a complete and detailed manner the regulatory framework in force both with regard to the performance limits to be respected and as regards the procedures and methods of calculation. The professional activity generally begins with an inspection during which all the necessary data must be found in order to be able to accurately draw up the energy analysis of the building.

Pet sitter

If you love animals, pet sitting is definitely the best business solution. Pet-sitting means looking after other people’s animals for a more or less limited period of time: dogs and cats but also rabbits, birds and reptiles. You can start by taking care of the animals of relatives and friends. Then with the word of mouth comes the rest.


Most companies cannot afford to offer a permanent job to a translator. Yet, however, communication in languages other languages is fundamental for companies that aim at internationalization. For this, from time to time, they require paid translation services. Being able to speak a foreign language other than English, therefore, could represent a good business opportunity.

But this is only the small part of a profit that, in reality, could be far greater. Also because translators are not limited to lending their own work in the translation of company documents but are professionals working on the translation of books, conferences and television broadcasts.

Patent box manager

One of the most important aid recognized is the patent box, the tax relief on income deriving from the exploitation of certain intangible assets. Although the procedure to take advantage of the incentive is not particularly simple (exercise of the option, determination of the eligible income, direct and indirect use of the assets, calculation of the nexus ratio, ruling procedure, contradictory with the Revenue Agency), the benefits they are noteworthy because 50% of the income deriving from the commercial exploitation of intangible assets is excluded from taxation, under certain conditions, the capital gains deriving from the sale of the assets subject to facilitation.

The incentive is particularly appreciated by companies that carry out research and development activities. For this reason I am looking for patent box experts who can follow the procedure from the beginning. Knowing the patent box discipline, therefore, could be the pretext to give birth to a new business activity.

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