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Clothing is not only an everyday necessity but also a statement of who you are. Your clothing mirrors your personality and it is important to get the right look. Business casual is great because it allows you to put a stamp on your wardrobe while still looking professional.

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The trick to getting the look right is to combine formal wear with casual elements. Your work clothes can impact your performance in your job role, so here are some tips on how to own the business casual dress code.


In recent years, men have swapped formal suits for button-down shirts and trousers in the office. You don’t have to be boring; instead, opt for bold colours and patterns. Don’t go too bold, however, as a loud Hawaiian shirt is not the best way to make a good impression!

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You can go for a more classical look by combining neutral shades with chinos. Make sure your shirt is well fitted and leave out the tie. If you are looking for mens Farah Shirts, you can buy them from stockists such as


Chinos are a classic wardrobe staple and the perfect choice for business casual trousers. Navy, black, khaki and beige are the colours you should choose. They should be slim fit and not too long. Shop around and find a style that suits you. Buy several pairs and you can also use them for your personal attire.


You will probably already have shoes in your wardrobe for the business casual look. Bright coloured trainers are a no-no – just don’t go there! Opt for more conservative colours, but you can experiment with leather and suede styles. Loafers, oxfords, monk-straps and brogues are also appropriate. Black looks great with white shirts, but you should try brown shoes for a more casual look.


Blazers work well when they don’t have too much structure. They shouldn’t be too casual and still look formal. Make sure your blazer is a good fit, as baggy doesn’t look good for business settings. Neutral colours mean you will have more choice for trousers.

Following these steps will ensure you look professional yet stylish in your office. You can make an impact – just remember to dress for your business setting to avoid conflict.

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