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POS purchase: digital payments are confirmed as a constantly growing trend, the POS terminal becomes an indispensable tool for any business.

The New Digital Payment market will soon exceed 125 billion euros with an average annual growth of 50%. Any business, in order not to lose an important part of customers, will need to be equipped with terminals capable of guaranteeing digital payment methods.

The recent investigations carried out by the Mobile Payment & Commerce Observatory highlight the constant growth of the new digital payment systems. In 2018 alone, around 1 billion contactless transactions and 16 million smartphone transactions were made. In a constantly evolving financial landscape, businesses and merchants need terminals capable of supporting new transactions. The POS purchase is therefore an activity of fundamental importance to obtain competitive results with its business.

Consumers do not like to carry particularly significant amounts of cash. In fact, most buyers prefer to pay with credit or debit cards. Having a POS payment terminal at your point of sale can turn into a real opportunity to improve your earnings by pushing customers to spend higher sums.

There are different types of POS devices, each of them suitable for particular business categories. The portable POS is without doubt one of the most used terminals, but the last frontier in the field of payments is the Mobile POS, devices connected directly to the smartphone of the operator. The growth recorded in the use of POS Mobile is considerable: + 38% in the last year, with a concrete estimate of a further increase by 2021.

POS Purchase

POS Purchase: Portable POS, Purchase and Benefits

The purchase of a POS terminal often appears to be a high expense for merchants, however the regulatory obligation provides that each point of sale is equipped with a device to receive payments. The direct purchase of a terminal undoubtedly represents an advantageous alternative to the rental with a monthly fee. Once purchased, the POS terminal becomes the property of the merchant who will only have to limit himself to activating the device. The most purchased POS are currently the portable ones.

The portable POS, together with the traditional (fixed) POS, is one of the most used devices to receive payments. The purchase of a portable POS terminal allows the merchant to accept payments even on the move without the fixed telephone line.

The category of portable POS includes Cordless and GPRS terminals. Cordless devices are equipped with a fixed base connected to a telephone line and a mobile body that works via Bluetooth or a wireless connection. The GPRS POS are instead wireless terminals, able to receive payments and print receipts even in the absence of a fixed line thanks to the operation using a GPRS, 3G or 4G card.

POS Purchase: What are the advantages of buying a portable POS?

1) First, the purchase of a portable POS terminal allows you to receive payments easily and quickly. Many hotel or catering activities use this type of terminal to accept payments even far from the cash register area.

2) The portable terminals have very short waiting times for the receipt and confirmation of the transaction. These POS work perfectly thanks to the GPRS card and can be connected to any bank account.

3) The purchase of a portable device allows the operator to receive payments of any type. Restricting your customers to the use of cash could be detrimental to your business. A POS terminal is able to accept payments in any digital currency.

POS Purchase: Mobile POS, purchase and benefits

The last frontier in digital payments is undoubtedly POS Mobile. The Mobile POS is very different from the classic fixed or portable terminals: it is a card reader associated with your smartphone or tablet that can receive sums of money quickly and innovatively.

Mobile POS devices are small and practical devices, able to receive payments at any time. Operation is simple: at the time of the transaction, the POS sends the card data via Bluetooth to the mobile device. The smartphone, through a specific App and a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, is able to send the transaction request to the specific circuit. The App associated with the terminal also acts as a cash register. In this way it will be possible to monitor all your operations from a single screen simply with a smartphone.

The Mobile POS is characterized by compact dimensions compared to the classic terminals. It is remarkably advantageous from the economic point of view as it works exclusively thanks to its smartphone. Finally, this device is able to improve the customer experience by sending instant payment receipts (via SMS or email).

What are the advantages of buying a Mobile POS?

1) The POS Mobile simplifies and speeds up the check-out phase considerably. Using the device via smartphone and data connection makes the payment process smooth and intuitive, also improving the customer experience.

2) Mobile POS is the cheapest alternative for small and medium-sized businesses. Mobile operation allows the merchant to use the terminal simply via an app installed on his smartphone. The Mobile POS therefore does not require more expensive fixed telephone lines.

3) The mobile terminal allows the company to save on installation costs. The POS configuration takes a few minutes and takes place completely by application. This device does not require the installation of a hardware or the intervention of a specific professional.

4) The choice of a Mobile POS is able to greatly improve the customer experience by sending payment receipts immediately via SMS or email.

5) One of the most advantageous features of POS Mobile is the management of the service exclusively online. The purchase of the terminal, like the complete management of the device, takes place online (with fast delivery). Using the specific App, the merchant can view a dashboard that acts as a real cash register. Quick and easy consultation of all sales and payment data is an essential advantage for any business.

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