Health And Safety Measures For Your Warehouse

Health and safety are a major consideration in any construction site, it must be addressed from the beginning of the building process to ensure a safe environment for workers and everyone else living or working in the vicinity. It is an important factor that all contractors should consider as a matter of procedure when they are being chosen for a job. Your health and safety should always be the first priority on your checklist. The following are some of the health and safety measures you should consider as a manager. It’s safer with some Shelving from Rackzone.


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If your warehouse is being built next to a water source, make sure that you install a sump pump to avoid flooding of the area and the resultant flooding. The use of non-slip flooring is also a major health and safety measure to take during construction; it is necessary to have non-slip tiles installed throughout the warehouse and its immediate environs. You should also ensure that there is proper lighting available all through the worksite to provide adequate visibility for any trades people who may be manning either welding or arc welding equipment.

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Any electrical wiring in or around the warehouse area must be properly protected, and you should ensure that there are sufficient wire racks and outlets installed to cater for any equipment that you might need. For those working directly under the control of a builder, health and safety measures must be in place in order to protect the worker’s health and well being. This could include wearing the proper protective gear such as hard hats and earmuffs, respirators, gloves and eye protection. It is important that everyone involved in the warehouse project follow safe working practices to prevent accidents occurring.


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