Top fuel card facts for businesses

A fuel card is a convenient way for businesses to manage their costs. It is also a great way to track spending, as well as offering many other benefits for companies and their employees, including saving money.

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One way business owners can reduce costs, is by issuing their staff with a fuel card. Caps can be put on the amount that can be spent and it is also possible to select specific petrol stations and services where the cards can be used. This means journeys can be planned more efficiently and costs calculated accurately.


Another advantage of fuel cards is that all the transactions can get registered on a single invoice, which saves time chasing staff for receipts and having to input data. These invoices are also recognised and approved by the HMRC.

Discounts and Incentives

Many fuel cards offer loyalty schemes and discounts and are accepted all over the country.

Which card?

There are many options available and business owners considering a fuel card scheme can visit sites such as, where they can compare the services each card has to offer.

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The Keyfuels card gives users discounted fuels at sites, including the forecourts of Co-Op and Morrisons supermarkets. The scheme also offers fixed weekly pricing across all sites, whatever the location.

Peace of mind

Drivers being able to access fuel whenever they need it gives peace of mind to both employers and their employees. This is especially comforting at this time of year, when drivers are faced with many other challenges, including unpredictable weather

UK Fuels

The UK Fuels card is accepted at over 3,000 petrol stations, including at the supermarkets of Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. It can also be used at selected BP, Shell and Texaco outlets, as well as being welcomed at Motto motorway services.

Allstar fuel card

If your business requires your drivers to travel all over the country, taking different routes and journeys, the Allstar One card can be used at over 7,500 fuel stations. This allows drivers to select the best route for them, without having to change their route based on where they can and can’t refuel. They also offer an added incentive of 1p off per litre, by signing at their Premier sites.

The Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have impacted lorry drivers across the UK, with new rules being introduced.


The Esso fuel card offers competitively priced diesel at over 1,300 sites in the United Kingdom and is especially recommended for city driving. Esso also offer convenient fuel analysis reports, which are available online, 24/7.

Gulf fuel card

The Gulf, Pace and EMO fuel card offers flexible and quick refuelling options. Participating fuel stations offer a weekly invoice, as well as a fill up now/pay later option and interest free credit scheme.


Owners of BP fuel card can top up at any of the 1200 BP service stations.

All the cards offer users convenience and are cost effective.

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