David Brent’s Guide to an Office Clearance

So, I hear you are planning an office clearance – good move. I always say de-cluttering the office is like de-cluttering the mind (one of mine not one of Desiree’s – although I love her work). A good idea is a good idea forever. As you know I was not only a manager of a successful paper company, but also a rock star as many people know I was in the great band Foregone Conclusion. So, I know a few things about moving around whilst I was on tour with Texas. Obviously, Texas didn’t have what it took to be successful managers, which is why I let them carry on with doing what they did and followed my own path in life.

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Anyway to get back to the article (Brent mused) the first thing that you will need for a successful office move is a same day courier Slough based company https://www.uk-tdl.com/same-day-delivery.html is obviously the choice I would make as you know I bloody love Slough. In fact, I have written a hit song about Slough – if you haven’t heard it yet make sure you check it out here. If you have heard it – great you probably know the sort of vibe that I go for in life. I am basically a chilled-out entertainer, not to mention a great boss.

Anyway, once you have sorted your man with a van great – you will need to start packing up. As my staff know I love to encourage any sort of team bonding activity, so a night out in Slough is a great start to plan the move – and for everyone in the office to show off their own moves. I ‘m not one to brag but I am a pretty good dancer – I have manged to fuse flash-dance with some MC Hammer, which many say couldn’t be done. I did that whilst also raising money for charity and it wasn’t even planned. So…

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Once you have settled in to your new office some members of staff may find it difficult (especially the women – I always say respect women) – as my good friend and great sales rep Chris Finch always says – How can I not respect women? My mothers’ one. So, make sure you have things to keep them all happy – Billy Big mouth is just one example of the laughs that we have around here.

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