Technology Is Key to Advisers Becoming ‘One-Stop Shops’

Financial advisers who wish to remain current and competitive will need to embrace technology to help them provide a full spectrum of services to clients. A senior executive said that IFAs who hope to grow their business and hold on to the clients they already have must explore the opportunities technology has to offer.

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Streamlined Approach

Advances in technology, such as back office systems for financial advisers, have brought big changes to the industry, transforming the financial services sector from being one that was centred around products to an industry that is now focused on customers and an individual approach.

Technology can be a great help to financial advisers for sharing information and allowing access to more tools to give clients improved services and results. More automation can make some services quicker, and sharing between allied professionals, such as a client’s investment manager or legal firm, can inform better decisions. This kind of integration is only going to become more important, and clients will start to expect this.

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Integrated Future

Algorithms and back office software will help to make processes more rapid and deliver better turnaround. In the near future busy clients will demand to speak to one connected person, such as an IFA, who understands all of the issues that were previously managed by a bank, lawyer and accountant and be able to make joined-up decisions that take all relevant information into account.

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It is thought that many people who cannot afford financial advice could also benefit from technology, as it could provide a low-cost service. Banks are already moving into this area, according to a report from The Telegraph.

If you want to find out more about the possibilities that are offered by efficient back office systems it would be a good idea to consult experts in the field.

Technology is set to become a more significant part of the financial services industry. Software in development at the present time should take into account any new data protection regulations, and so will be poised to enable useful collaboration between associated professionals working towards a client’s best interests. New and secure technology will also assist with transferring documents and necessary information between professionals to aid with improved customer service.

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