Top ways to make your contact centre run more effectively

Many of you will have had sleepless nights worrying about problems with your contact centres, such as lack of responsiveness, unresolved issues and automated call management systems that drive your customers away.

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You also know that your contact centre is critical to your business and enables client relationships. You want this to be an intuitive and accurate way to handle communication and transactions.

Here are our top tips to help make your contact centre run better.

Call routing

Get a system that cascades call routing to assigned teams, so that your callers can always find the fastest route to connecting with one of your operators, rather than being kept hanging on the line. This will give you time to train up those groups who are not on the high priority calls list to higher standards of performance. Check out

Complaints and escalation

Don’t ignore a backlog. Work with your employees to ‘triage’ the work. Get your supervisors to work on identifying key issues, critical issues, and the stuff that keeps repeating. Utilise spreadsheets and documents to help prioritise, rather than just jumping in to help your team. Use intelligent data. For quick help on learning how to convert PDF to Excel try this help with converting PDF to Excel. This will show you how to convert PDF to Excel documents quickly and easily.

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Many contact centres today are at the forefront of employee welfare and wellbeing. It’s a known fact that employees who feel looked after and well are far more productive.

It’s easy, though, to forget about this as you work to call and email targets.

Take time to do some workstation assessments to ensure good alignment and posture, encourage healthy diets and provide some nutritional food like fruit and nuts. Maybe you could also bring in some at-desk massage therapists to ease those aching necks and backs and get the blood flowing to raise the energy.

One company has made a real difference by encouraging flexible at-home working for contact centre staff during their peak period. The productivity levels and customer satisfaction went through the roof!

Whatever you do, there are many strategies to help improve the effectiveness of your contact centres. They don’t need to be a nightmare. They can help facilitate the deepest of customer relationships and deliver efficiencies to your business.

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